Organizing Clutter

Nova Junk wants to help you simplify your life and de-clutter your home. We are a junk-removal and clutter clean-up company in the Washington, D.C. area, and we’re ready to help you take the first step in reorganizing your home. We provide hands-on professional services and efficiently clear out your clutter.


Eliminating Clutter and Chaos


Often, our busy lives become too overwhelming to manage. Clutter begins to build up and we can lose control over our surroundings. Nova Junk’s mission is to get your life back on track. Cleaning out clutter will begin with a consultation. We’ll assess your home or commercial space and review your history, habits and goals. We’ll outline a plan, provide an estimate and get to work. We offer maintenance suggestions, storage solutions and clutter-free strategies.


Restoring Order in Your Home


Our solutions will help organize your life and provide a safer and healthier living space. After we sort through the clutter and transform your household with our organization techniques, we’ll promptly discard unwanted items in an efficient, responsible manner.


Your lifestyle will improve because you can:


  • Save Time
  • Relax in an Orderly Environment
  • Manage Your Household
  • Reduce Stress


Our clean up personnel is dedicated to your needs no matter how big or small the task at hand is. We are experienced in professionally handling personal items and sensitive information.

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Organizing Clutter
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