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Is selling a home in your future? If the plan is to sell your home in a few months, then now is the time to begin getting ready. And one of the biggest things you can start to do is free up room in your house. Before you hire a moving company you should hire a junk removal company to make things easier and speed up the selling process.

There is going to be a lot to do when your home goes on the market. Touching up the walls, staging the interior to make your home stand out, and making repairs both inside and outside are some of the things you might hav

Selling Your Home

Selling Your Home

e to do later. What you can do now is to begin some of the small things that take time to do, but which can be done long before you put the for sale sign out front.

Here are some things you can start to do on the weekends when you have some free time.

Get Rid of Your Junk

One of the first things you can do is to go through the house and look for things you know can be thrown out. Appliances that don’t work, old furniture you won’t need in the new location, all that leftover material from those remodeling projects you did to get the home ready.  Look through the attic, the basement and the garage and start making piles in each of these locations to put items to be discarded. Don’t worry about getting rid of anything yet. That will come later as you get more things to discard.

Begin to sort through items to box up

There are a lot of things that you won’t need to box until you sell the home and are preparing to move out. Things you still use you can wait on boxing. Yet, there is quite a bit of stuff you can pack now to save time later and have the home look more organized. It could be holiday decorations or projects your children did when they were younger. It could be winter clothing if things are starting to warm up outside. Or maybe it’s all those books you have piled up all over the place. You can do this now at your leisure and carefully mark up and tape each box you complete.

Look for more items to get rid of.

As you’re going through everything to box, decide if it’s really stuff you need to take. Knowing you’ll have to unload these boxes later may make it easier to get rid of some things now. As you do you may also find items that might have use for other people. Yet, don’t stop now to load up a vehicle and haul to the nearest charity. Set these items aside until you’re completely through so you can get rid of all of it at once.

Get Some Projects Done Outside

As the temperatures start to warm up outside, see what you can do to improve the look of the exterior. After all curb appeal is one of the main ingredients for selling a home faster.  Is that old swing set an eyesore now with more rust than paint. Is that hot tub broken or is the grill rusted out from the snow and rain.  Then there are the leaves and branches which didn’t get raked last fall and which now look wet and dirty from the long winter months. Anything that detracts from the home’s appearance should be earmarked for the dump.

Time To Bring in Professionals

Now that you have stacks of junk in various rooms of the house and maybe quite a few things outside, it’s time to get rid of it. You could do it yourself and load up the SUV or truck and take a trip to the nearest landfill. Depending on how close you are to the landfill, this could be a long drive and you may find yourself needing a few trips to get everything hauled away.021

Or you could start hauling things out to the curb and pay the city extra fees to have the additional junk removed. Yet you’ll have to haul it all to the curb yourself and most likely bag up some items or tie things up. And you can’t have them haul it all away at once. So it will become a weekly activity for a while.

The best solution might simply to call a junk removal company. They can take everything away at once and you won’t have to spend time bagging items or even hauling them out of each room. You simply point out to the junk haulers what needs to go and they can do the heavy lifting.

They can also take more than just the trash. Most junk removal companies take a green approach to their job, looking for anything that can be recycled or donated. So those items you had earmarked for charity can go at the same time. And experienced junk haulers can often find additional items in your trash that could have value for some people.

You’d be surprised at just how much one truck load of junk and unwanted items can take away. Suddenly your home looks that much larger and the exterior looks more family friendly. And you’ll also have that much less to load on moving day.

If you live in Washington DC, Northern Virginia, or Prince George or Montgomery County in Maryland and planning to sell your home, then contact Nova Junk. We’ll show up at the time you schedule and haul everything away.  Call us at (877) 211-6682 to schedule a pickup when it’s convenient for you. We’ll make selling your home that much easier.