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In spending more time at your home, you may have decided its time to clear out the clutter that has accumulated over time. You’re tired of looking at it or simply feel cramped.

Perhaps you are using this time to undertake a landscape project or to do some home renovation.

What to do when you have junk to be removed.

Whatever the reason you know have some junk to get rid of. Yet, because of COVID-19, the way you could dispose of items has changed. The options you had in the past have likely changed and you need to be aware of this.

Here are typical ways you would normally get rid of your junk and how they’ve changed as a result of the coronavirus.

Schedule a Special Pickup With Your Refuse Company

This was always the easiest way to dispose of junk. Yet, with so many people working out of their home and ordering takeout more, many local services are overwhelmed with just their regular pickups.

Right now, many cities aren’t doing special pickups and probably won’t be for quite some while.

If your community still has this option you have to be aware that they don’t accept all items. And what they take now might be different than what they would have hauled in the past. For example, construction debris was usually prohibited. Now they might have other types they won’t remove or limit even more the number of items you can set out.

Taking Your Junk To Your Local Landfill

The most obvious solution is to haul the junk yourself to the local landfill.

The problem with this solution is that even in normal times, its hard to do if you don’t have the right vehicle. And even if you do, do you really want to risk damaging your family SUV or getting the interior dirty.

Yet, even with the right vehicle, this may not be an option. Many landfills aren’t open to the public at the moment.

If your local landfill is still taking trash you need to contact them to see if there are restrictions on what you can take. Many landfills that are open are not allowing items they would have taken in the past, such as appliances and electronics.

Donating to Local Charities

First of all its junk, you shouldn’t be taking it to a local charity. They already have enough to dispose of, without adding to their workload.

But if it is items that are still in good shape and would have value then a charity might want it.

Most charities such as Good Will closed their stores at the start of the virus. Most are now open, but its best to check in your area to see if they’re open. And if there are any restrictions on what they’ll accept.

When donating, however, you want to make sure its something they can use and not something they’ll simply have to dispose of. This just gives them an added workload. Read our article on what charities will and won’t take.

Finding Someone on Craigslist

Craigslist is where people turn to when they have odd jobs to be taken care of. It would seem natural then to look there for someone to haul away an old appliance or a load of junk.

The problem is that you want to make sure the person your contacting is going to dispose of the junk properly. Or that nothing happens when they’re picking up or transporting your items. Or what happens if they become injured lifting your junk. There are a lot of factors to consider.

It’s better to go with someone who does the work professionally and is licensed and fully insured, like a junk removal company.

Hiring a Professional Junk Removal Company

Having a professional junk removal company is the easiest solution. They do all

the heavy lifting and will dispose of your items properly.

With a junk removal company, you can have them come into your home and business and carry it from where its at. In the past, this was the best option. You didn’t have to worry about lifting things, especially if they were oversized.

With social distancing, you might have reservations about having them come into your home. If that is the case you could set the items on your driveway or in your garage. Or have an area in your home where everything is.

Most junk removal companies have adapted to the current environment and taken special precautions. Employees wear masks, gloves, and practice social distancing.

You can pay your bill over the phone and if the items are outside or in the garage, you can literally have contact-free service.


Renting a Dumpster

This is another option which works in our current circumstances and which can be done contact-free.

You might think that you don’t have enough junk for a dumpster, but most companies have a variety of sizes for rent. And with a dumpster on your property, you might decide its time to clear out some of that clutter that’s accumulated over the years in your attic, basement or garage.

When you call the dumpster company, that conversation might be the only contact you need to have with the company. They can help you decide on what size you need, schedule your drop off and accept your payment. You can tell them where you want it placed.

When the dumpster arrives, you can avoid contact with the unit it you want.

Simply toss items in. If you do need to open a door to the dumpster you can wear gloves. Even then most companies have cleaned the door before its arrived.

Most junk removal companies are taking extra precautions durin COVID

Nova Junk and The Precautions We’re Taking

If you live in Northern Virginia, Washington DC or Prince George or Montgomery Counties in Maryland, then contact us.

We’ve taken a number of precautions to keep your customers and our staff safe.

After each job our workers dispose of their gloves immediately. They sanitize their hands constantly.

At the end of each day we thoroughly clean each truck.

You can let us know where you want us to get the items and take care of your bill over the phone.

Give us a call (877) 211-6682.

We also have a dumpster rental division.

We offer a variety of dumpsters sizes for rent, so whether you need something small or big we can accommodate you. Give us a call today at (833) 610-3867 for a free, no-obligation quote. And learn about our contact-free service.

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