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Is Spring cleaning an annual activity at your home? Or is this the first year you’ve thought about doing it, believing its long overdue in your home.  Either way if spring cleaning is on your things to do list this year, then why not make it something really impactful. Instead of just hauling a few broken items to the curb and cleaning the windows, why not take back your home and have more living space as a result.

Spring cleaning is thought to date back centuries and may even have its origin in religion. Since 2003, there is even a Spring Cleaning Week. However, it started, it’s become popular in the Northeast after a long cold winter. As you begin to air out the house you begin to clean the rooms to get rid of all the dirt that was trampled in during the winter on peoples boots and shoes.

Yet, if you want to have a truly impact Spring Cleaning, you need to think bigger. It doesn’t have to be something that takes days to complete, but instead something you do over a couple weekends. The goal isn’t just to clean up, but to clean out some of the rooms the items you no longer use or that no longer work. So that by time you’re done, you have a lot more room in the house and in the garage.

Here are some things to heighten your spring cleaning project.

Clean all the surfaces in your home.

This is typically what people think of when spring cleaning. They do the floors, the countertops, the walls, and the carpet. Yet, don’t forget the drapes and the cushions on your couch. Clean them out and if possible, air them out.

Organize Your Pantry or Kitchen Cabinets

It doesn’t take long for food to become out of date. Check the dates on you can goods and toss out anything that is expired. If some things are getting close to being out of date, move them to the front so that you use them next. The goal isn’t just to make more room, but to keep family members from eating something that

Spring Cleaning in Northern Virginia

Spring Cleaning in Northern Virginia

might have expired months ago.

Organize your closet

This isn’t just about packing up the winter clothes and getting out the shorts and t-shirts. It’s about looking through the items and setting aside anything that doesn’t fit or is no longer in style. Toss these into boxes and set aside to have them removed later. Not only are you freeing up space, but someone might benefit from these clothing.

Have the kids go through their closets with you and get rid of the toys they no longer use or the school supplies they’ve accumulated over the last few years and no longer need.

Don’t forget the basement, attic, and garage.

It’s easy to focus on the living spaces, but these room might have the most opportunities. Just like your closet, look for any items you no longer use.  Now your free up room in your attic and basement, where you can now put some of the stuff from the other rooms that you don’t need right away. And your garage is that much easier to get around in.

Replace filters and batteries

While cleaning don’t forget to replace the filters in the furnace. And since it’s spring take the time to replace all the batteries in the smoke detectors.

Clean Up the Yard

The yard has been under snow for much of the last few months and with it gone you’re left with a yard that doesn’t look very appealing. Pile up those branches and the leaves that somehow were missed last fall. Add these to your pile of things to be hauled.

Hire Professions Junk Haulers to Help

You could think about getting professionals to help, perhaps bring in a maid for a day or two or have window cleaners take care of your windows.   Yet the professionals that might have the most impact on the project and save you the most amount of time is to contact a junk removal company. By the time you’re done cleaning you might have piles of unwanted items and boxes of clothing to donate. Now you’re left with the decision of setting additional items out at the curb for the next few weeks or hauling it to the local landfill, if that is even an option. You also have to make a trip to a nearby charity to get rid of the still usable items.

Here are the benefits of hiring a junk removal company as part of your spring cleaning.

They do all the heavy lifting. You don’t have to haul things to a spot or even outside. Take them to each room and show them the pile to be hauled.

Its more efficient. Since they have the trucks and staff to do it all, it takes a fraction of the time if you were to do it yourself.

They can take the big stuff you couldn’t remove. While you were cleaning up you might have worked around the large tv that you replaced with a flat screen at Christmas. Or that old couch that wouldn’t fit in your vehicle. A junk removal company can take all of that and really free up space in your home.

They’ll take everything, including the items to be donated. Most junk removal companies pride themselves on taking as little to the landfill as possible. They look for any items that might have value for others and donate them to charity. They will not only take the items you’ve set aside for donation, but might find some of your other junk still has value, as well

Recycling is also taken care of. In addition to looking for items to donate, the haulers will look for anything that can be recycled. So again, you don’t have to separate items out, the professionals will do that for you.

It doesn’t have to be a large haul. You might think you only should contact a junk removal company when you have a big load. The truth is, they can come even for smaller loads, even just a few appliances. Or maybe they can just haul away an old mattress or take away the hot tub that no longer works.

If you live in Washington DC, Northern Virginia, or Prince George or Montgomery County in Maryland and doing spring cleaning, then contact Nova Junk. We’ll show up at the time you schedule and haul everything away.  Call us at (877) 211-6682 to schedule a pickup when it’s convenient for you and your staff. We’ll make your spring cleaning experience that much easier and you’ll end up enjoying its benefits all summer.