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If you are working on a significant construction project involving demolition, you may end up with concrete, brick, and asphalt debris. So, what exactly are you going to do with it?

Getting rid of the waste left behind after building, renovation, or demolition is usually time-consuming and expensive. This is true regardless of the kind of work being done. The disposal of concrete, in particular, might provide several difficulties.

The removal of waste from building sites is a specialty of our staff. We can be at your location in a matter of minutes, and since our team is properly insured and has had extensive training, you can have faith that they will dispose of your construction debris in a manner that is both expert and polite.

Concrete debris removal by Nova Junk

Concrete debris may be added to waste from demolition projects sometimes.

When it comes to demolition, the sheer amount and diversity of material left behind may be difficult to manage. It may be challenging to remove materials from a building site, weighty and bulky materials such as wood, steel, tile, and drywall.

But concrete is the worst of all.

Concrete, asphalt, and masonry are all materials that are difficult to transport because of their size, weight, and volume requirements. Not to mention the fact that it is sometimes tough to get rid of. The good news is that this stuff doesn’t need to be disposed of in one of our landfills.

Dealing with the vast quantities of trash and garbage that may be created on a construction site can be difficult for anybody working there, regardless of whether the site in question is a modest home job or a major commercial project.

Construction and demolition debris

How much of this material known as construction and demolition debris, or C&D trash, is produced in the United States?

It has been estimated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that the United States generates anywhere from 230 million to 600 million tons of construction and demolition debris annually throughout the whole country.

This amounts to more than twice as much as the quantity of municipal solid garbage produced annually in the United States. Additionally, demolition projects account for more than 90 percent of C&D waste, while new construction accounts for less than 10 percent of this garbage.

Oh, and a significant amount of that garbage is composed of concrete. According to the EPA, in 2015 alone, concrete was responsible for 23.1 million tons of rubbish produced during building and a total of 358.7 million tons of debris produced during demolition.

Because of technological advances, it is now possible to recycle and reuse materials such as concrete, asphalt, brick, and other similar substances. This is good news for construction companies, the economy, and the environment. As a direct consequence of these advancements, we now have access to a broad range of solutions for effectively getting rid of concrete in a manner that is kind to the environment.

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has concluded that recycling anywhere from 90 to 100 percent of recovered asphalt pavement is feasible.

How the Disposal of Concrete for Recycling Benefits the Environment

The junk from construction and demolition, often known as C&D waste, accounts for a significant portion of the total waste produced yearly in the United States. According to the Fact Sheet that the EPA released in 2017,

The quantity of construction and demolition debris produced in the United States in 2017 was 569 million tons, which is more than twice as much as the amount of municipal solid garbage produced.

More than 90 percent of all C&D waste is generated during demolition, whereas less than 10 percent is generated during building.

This volume is more than twice as much as the quantity of municipal solid trash, or MSW, produced in the same year. According to the EPA, concrete accounts for around 70 percent of the total material created by C&D. This makes it the most abundant kind of C&D waste.


We also provide services for the renovation and destruction of interior spaces. When you are remodeling your house or workplace, the last thing you need to be concerned about is having excessive construction waste. We will go to your location, remove the clutter preventing you from concentrating on your renovation job, and do it safely and securely.


We bring our fully qualified staff along with our vehicles directly to you. The use of dumpsters and containers is optional because of our hard work and heavy-duty equipment.
We will promptly put unwanted objects and rubbish into our trucks so that they may be disposed of in the appropriate manner. We have extensive expertise in cleaning many locations, including retail establishments, offices, warehouses, storage sheds, and residential complexes, among other types of facilities.


Get the Best Service for the Removal of Construction Waste by Nova Junk removal.

Nova Junk provides demolition services and site cleanup for residential and commercial properties and building sites in the Washington, District of Columbia metropolitan region, as well as cities in Northern Virginia and sections of Maryland. We will swiftly react to your requests for debris collection and hauling and will come with all the necessary equipment.

Any amount of space may be cleaned up by our team. There is only one project that is within the scope of our capabilities. To arrange a pickup, please give us a call at 877-211-6682.

We are able to take away a variety of materials, including soil, concrete, and other construction supplies.