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When you think of an eco-friendly business you often think of one that uses chemicals that are good for the environment. For example, a carpet cleaning company that uses all natural chemicals to treat dirty carpets instead of the old chemicals that were often toxic to the environment. So then when a junk imagejpeg_0removal company states that it’s eco-friendly it may be a little confusing, unless you think they are using green chemicals to clean.

In fact, an Eco-friendly junk removal company is one that does its best to take as little as possible to the landfill. This is important, as landfills are filling up at a record rate. According to National Geographic. Americans generated 251 million tons of junk in 2006 and of this 55 percent ended up in landfills. At the landfill, garbage is often buried where chemicals can leak into the ground or nearby streams. Nearly one fourth of all methane gas is created from all the trash. Or trash is burned, creating more pollution.

While its best if homeowners and business can recycle as much as they can, it’s not always convenient when you’re cleaning out a home or business. So that is where an eco-friendly junk removal company comes in.

Here is the process Nova Junk Removal takes when picking up trash and its similar to many junk haulers around the country. We sort through your trash and break it up into three categories.

Recyclable Materials.

Nova Junk separates out anything that can be recycled from paper to cardboard, steel, and plastic. This alone makes a significant impact on the environment. One ton of cardboard recycled saves over 9 feet of cubic space at the landfill. It also saves 390 kWh of energy, 46 gallons of oil and 6.6 million Btu’s of energy. Every ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees and 462 gallons of oil. Other items that can be recycled include computer parts, electronics, metal, and glass. And we’re one of the few companies that recycles concrete. It can be crushed down and reused for concrete or other products.

We also look for recyclable material inside of the junk we haul. For example, we often haul old hot tubs away and from these we recycle the old motor and the fiberglass.

Usable Items

We also look for usable items. Your old vacuum may take up space now, but it has Eco-friendly junk removal value to someone. In fact, its surprising sometimes how many items are thrown away that still work. The same for furniture, clothing, kitchen appliances. A reputable junk removal company will find a use for these items. We have a number of charities we work with that we take usable items to. They help out a family in need and alleviate space in the landfill, as well.

Real Junk

In the end there are items that can’t be recycled or donated. So these items must be hauled to the landfill. Yet, the truck that was once full is now nearly one third as full as it once was. So by hiring a junk removal company such as Nova Junk you’re still helping to take care of the environment.