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If you live in Washington DC, you know how inconvenient it can be to get rid of all your junk. Trash around the house can build up over time. It’s not trash that accumulates, but broken appliances, yard waste, and material from remodeling. While the city may take some items for an additional fee, there are a number of things the Washington DC public works won’t take. Washington DC Trash Pickup

Whether you’re in the middle of remodeling your home or simply looking to clean out an attic then getting rid of much of your debris can be a hassle. Here are some things to consider when putting out your trash for the next pickup.

Items the City of Washington DC Public Works Won’t Take

  • Books.
  • Batteries
  • Bricks
  • Ceiling tile
  • Construction Materials
  • Demolition materials
  • Dirt
  • Drywall
  • Paint
  • Large lumber
  • Sheds
  • Hot Tubs
  • Large appliances
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Large tree limbs
  • Tree stumps
  • Tires

Getting Rid of Trash With the City Can Be Inconvenient.

If you do need the city to make a special pickup, they recommend that you schedule an appointment 10-14 days in advance. And you can only put 7 items out at one time. If you need more than you need to make an additional pickup. You can drop items off at the weekdays from 1 pm to 5 pm and Saturdays from 8 am to 3 pm, which can be inconvenient depending on your schedule.

And with items they do take, there can be restrictions on how they take it. For a refrigerator the door must be removed. You can set out small twigs, but they must be bundled together. Rugs must be rolled up and tied. Mattresses must be wrapped in plastic. You can get rid of a swing set, but it must be taken apart. Air conditioners must be drained. If you have a lot of leaves they must be bagged and only 5 bags can be set out at a time.

Why A Junk Removal Company is More Convenient

With Nova Junk Removal, we pick up many of the items the city won’t take and Washington DC Junk Removalwe can get it all at once. There is no need to set it at the curb. Just point to where it is and we can haul it away. More importantly we can do it at a time that is convenient for you, which could be the next business day and in some cases, the same day you call. There are a few items we don’t take such as hazardous waste

Your trash can benefit the community.

When the city haul away your items, they take it to the landfill. When we pick up your items, we sort through it to see what can be recycled. We also look for items that might still have some value for someone. These items we take to one of a number of local charities we work with. We do our best to take as little as we can to the local landfill.

If you live in Washington DC area and need your junk hauled, then call us at 877-211-6682.