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Just as spring cleaning is a ritual throughout the United states, it also needs to become a routine for your business. Whether you’re an office space, a storefront, a factory, or a tourist destination, now is the time to clean out where you work.

First Impressions Matter

Unless you work in an environment where customers don’t come in, how the place looks can impact how they think of your business.  Whether they’re consumers or representatives from other businesses you don’t want them to get the wrong idea about your business. That your disorganized or that its dirty or that it’s overcrowded.

At the office potential clients might be put off if they see old computers stacked in the corner or boxes of old documents sitting against a wall. They might wonder if their information is going to be kept secure if they work with you.Get ride of office junk

Tourists Are Coming

The onset of warm weather means tourist season is just around the corner. If this is your market you know that a dirty setting can make more than just a bad impression on a guest. It can cause them to leave a bad review online that other potential guests or visitors might see for years to come.

Productivity could be an issue

If employees have to constantly move things just to make a copy or work around things in the factory, it can slow them down.  If you’ve expanded your work force and need a place for them to work, then you really need to clean out an area for them. Why put things in their way that can slow them down.

Safety could be a concern

The factory floor can be a busy place and having items around that do nothing but take up space can make the work environment smaller. Why put impediments that don’t need to belong there in their way.

Even in an office space, piled up boxes could potentially fall down on someone or cause them to trip.

Getting Down to the Business of Cleaning

The first thing to do is to determine when you can get the work done. It’s not like at home when you can take some time on the weekend to get things done. Some of the work you can get done during the work day when you have some down time. Yet, if you have a lot of cleaning to do that might only make a small dent in the project. You might have to schedule something during the off hours so if you do, you want to get as much done as possible in the shortest amount of time.

How To Get Rid of Junk In Your Workspace

You can’t just bag up everything and take it to the curb or schedule a special pickup with the city. So do you have employees use company vehicles to haul the junk or worse, their own cars. And can they get the junk hauled in one trip or in a series of trips?

Then when they arrive at the landfill they may have to spend even more time as they separate things out like computers, laptops and printers.

If you’re business is located in Washington DC, then you don’t even have a landfill to take your junk to.

You also don’t want to want to risk an employee injuring themselves as they haul out old desks or a broken refrigerator. And you don’t want to accidently damage a vehicle, whether it’s company vehicle or an employee’s car.

This is why bringing in professionals to help will make things much easier. A junk removal company can do all the heavy lifting and take everything away. They can also do it at a time you schedule that’s convenient for your employees and your customers.

Prepare for the junk to be removed.

Try to find an out of the way spot where you pile things you know can be hauled away. Designate it for employees so they know to add things there. Ideally you want a place in the workspace out of the way where you stack some of the items. You may find it easier to have a few locations so you don’t have items falling over as

Another good idea is to begin making a list of items so that on the day you have the junk hauled you can check them off so nothing is forgotten and so everything doesn’t have to be in one spot.

Get Rid of As Much Junk As You Can in Your Business

Since you a truck coming, why not get rid of as much as you can.

Here are some items to consider getting rid of

  • Broken computers, printers, and other
  • Broken chairs and furniture
  • Old office paper (Shred any private documents in advance of your pickup)
  • Broken appliances such as microwave or refrigerators
  • Broken pallets
  • Old shipping containers
  • Overstock items or damaged goods that you can’t sell

A professional junk removal company can take care of your problem in a timely manner. Whether you’re a small office space or a large factory they are often equipped to take care of your junk quickly and efficiently. Simply point out to them all that you need hauled away and they can do the heavy lifting. Since they have the trucks and the manpower the size of the project might not be an issue.

Once the Junk Is Gone

Once you’ve cleared out the junk, then begin sweeping and wiping down work surfaces.  Remember you’re trying to make a good first impressions so if everything looks clean it will tell your prospects a lot about you. And maybe get you a good review.

Now the work is done your work space can seem much larger and hopefully be a more productive environment.

If your business is located in Washington DC, Northern Virginia, or Prince George or Montgomery County in Maryland, then contact Nova Junk. We’ll show up at the time you schedule and haul everything away.  Call us at (877) 211-6682 to schedule a pickup when it’s convenient for you and your employees.