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With the arrival of spring, there is no need to stress out when you have to do cleaning in your house. Think Nova Junk removal when it comes to spring cleaning. We have a fair 20150311_091415_0idea of how to guide you on what can be kept and what can be thrown out. We will help you make a strategy with a checklist of what can be retained and what can be donated and hauled out. There are ways you can go about the cleaning process without being too sensitive or emotional about it. Call us! We will handle all the dirty work for you! We will make this annual rite of spring cleaning a pleasant and effortless experience for you.

Here are some examples on what we can do for your spring cleaning job:

We offer both commercial and residential junk removal services. We can remove junk from attics, backyards and garages. We are covered with insurance and our process is environment friendly. We offer a capacity and rate advantage for you. We also work from our trucks, one of the largest in the industry. We can open the rear portion of the container and can dolly and wheelbarrow the material in. We handle multiple containers to offer workflow that is not interrupted.

Before we’re done with the job you hired us for, take a look around for items that we can also remove. That old hut tub that no longer works, that broken down grill, or that vacuum that you recently replaced.

Once the job is done, we will even exceed your expectations. Your yard will be left in an immaculate state or your room emptied. After the job is complete, we will sweep and wash down the area. In short, you will always think of Nova Junk when it comes to removal of junk during spring cleaning time!

Nova Junk serves Washington DC, northern Virginia, and counties in Maryland, including Montgomery County and Prince George’s County.