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It’s a scene made popular in many movies and TV shows. Homeowners have a closet that is so full of stuff that every time someone opens it, that person is engulfed by all the items that fall out. While this can be a funny moment, even in real life, there are risks to people when junk has begun to overwhelm a house. It doesn’t mean that person is a hoarder, but even a small amount of junk can create risks.Junk Removal Messy Home

Look around your home and decide if some of these items you no longer use are not just in the way, but potential health risks. Here are some common issues we’ve come across.

Obstacle Courses Around the Home.

If you’re like many homeowners, it’s easy once something breaks down or is no longer used to either haul it to the attic, take it downstairs or haul it out into the garage. This is fine if you have just a few things, but over time these items can build up. Then when you need something from the attic, such as your Christmas decorations, you have to work through all this junk to get to them. It doesn’t take much for someone to trip over these items and end up celebrating the holidays with a twisted ankle or bruised knees or possibly something worse.

Old appliances have their own risks. Most people know the dangers of having an old refrigerator around, particularly when young children are present. But what about that appliance with the frayed cord. What if someone isn’t aware of this and plugs it in.

Over time a homeowner may have painted a number of their rooms over the years and all these paint cans have accumulated. While it makes sense to keep the current color of paint for a room, the paint that isn’t used anymore should be properly disposed. Same for any chemicals around the house. Don’t just toss them into the trash can or set them out thinking the trash man will pick them up. You need to know what your city requires for old paint and chemicals to be properly disposed of.

Cleaning up the Yard

Is there an old swing set that no longer is used, but has become rusted and broken down? It only takes once for someone to scratch themselves on rusted metal for them to get an infected cut. Or that old hot tub that now lies neglected and full of rain water. This could be a health hazard in a number of ways. Like a broken swing set, a metal shed that barely stands could either fall on someone or cut them. Old grills, broken lawn chairs, and rusted bikes can also be potential hazards.

Another problem with simply piling up the junk outside is that it can become home for rodents. They’re looking for places in which to take shelter. Then when someone goes near the junk, the animal can become defensive and attack.

Get Rid of Your Junk All At Once And Avoid Back Pain

Now that you understand the risks of your junk, it’s time to do something about it. You can haul it out to the curb and schedule a time with the sanitation department to have it removed. Or you load up a vehicle and haul it yourself, although this can take several trucks and leave your vehicle looking dirty. And be careful that you don’t hurt your back as you carry the heavy items. The easiest way is to have a junk removal company come and haul it away at your convenience. You don’t even have to haul it out to the curb, but simply point out where it is and they can do all the heavy lifting.