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We are all in the habit of hoarding junk in our homes. Household products that are left over may contain toxic, corrosive and reactive ingredients which may be dangerous to our children and our pets. Items such as paints, oils, cleaners, batteries or pesticides may have hazardous ingredients in them and they just cannot be left lying around your place, regardless of whether it is inside the house or in the backyard.

Accumulated clutter around your house can become a breeding place for unwanted animals and it could also become dangerous for your children when they are playing outside and they could get hurt. Empty containers of paints could also pose hazards as a result of the residue chemicals which may remain behind.


Breakup of the hoarded items

It has been observed that an average house will hoard about 52% of mixed items (that include dangerous waste), 16% of knick-knacks, 11% of magazines and newspapers; 9% of clothes, 7% of food and 5% of electronic items. Household waste will form a clutter and it may cause problems in the daily activities around your house. Leftover food will attract bugs and pet poop will attract bacteria and maggots. Hoarding of junk could go on to become a serious issue for home insurance because of its safety and health hazards.


Disposing house waste in a proper manner

Special care is needed when a decision is taken to remove the junk from your house. Improper disposal could be pouring left over chemicals in the drain or into the storm sewers. You cannot throw them out along with the other trash, too, as pets and stray animals like to scrounge around in the trash. When the household waste is not properly disposed of, it could pollute the environment and pose a hazard not only to you, your family and your pets but also to the health of the neighborhood and community in general.

Nova Junk is a service provider when it comes to directing you to safe removal of hazardous waste and bio-hazardous waste junk from your house. It does not haul such waste but will direct you to the appropriate places where the waste can be disposed of in a responsible manner. It will ensure that the household waste is disposed of in a proper way so that the septic tanks do not get contaminated with water waste and that the disposal methods do not pose a danger to the children and pets in the house. It will offer you flexible, cost-effective and environmentally sound waste disposal solutions.

Nova Junk is trained to provide expert hoarding clean-up services. They are an experienced waste and junk removal company that efficiently cleans up spaces and restores homes. They services homes and residences in Washington DC., Northern Virginia, and parts of Maryland. Call for a quote at 571-432-8162 or at 877-211-6682 or simply fill out the form on this page.