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A hot tub is a great addition to a home. A place to unwind in after a hard day at work or to soothe aching joints. It can also be a place to entertain another couple or to simply enjoy a glass of wine by yourself. Yet, if the hot tub no longer works or has been sitting unused for a while it can be a eyesore.

An unused hot tub can also become a health hazard. If old water has gathered in the tub, it can be a breeding ground for insects.

Animals might find it a place to nest.

How to get rid of a hot tub in Washington DC

For small animals, an abandoned hot tub can make a great home. It’s not uncommon for raccoons, squirrels, rats and possums to make this their den, especially in the winter. If you have young children, they could be at risk, especially if they think of the animals as being friendly.

Having a working hot tub that you no longer use can still cost money. It can be expensive to maintain it each year. Couldn’t that money be put to better use?

If your home has a hot tub that has long since served its needs or no longer fits your lifestyle, then it’s time to get rid of it. If it’s still in working order, then you can probably list it on craigslist or your local newspaper and hope someone buys it.

For those that can’t sell their hot tub or that has one that no longer works, then it means you have to get it to the junkyard, not an easy thing to do when even a small hot tub can weigh 500 and more than twice that for larger ones. And with their design, you can’t just toss one in the back of a pickup truck and haul it away.

Doing the Job Yourself

Despite their size you can do the job yourself. You’ll need to make sure everything is disconnected correctly first, including water lines, electrical connections and maybe gas lines. Then once that is done you can begin to dismantle it. The problem is that the tub itself is in one piece and made of molded plastic or some other very durable material.

A jigsaw or reciprocating saw can be used to cut the tub into smaller pieces, be advised that it’s going to be messy. Make sure your wearing safety goggles and protective clothing. And even after you’ve cut it up into sizeable pieces, you’ll have to haul it away. Although a pickup truck might now be an option, you’ll

Getting rid of an old hot tub

have a lot to get rid of. Sweep up the mess from all the cutting into heavy duty trash bags.

Renting a dumpster is probably the best option if you’re doing it yourself. Then you can just toss everything in it and not worry about scratching up the bed of the truck or safely securing it for the ride to the nearest landfill.

In the end doing it yourself will take time and there will still be expenses involved.

Getting Professional Help

The best way to take care of a hot tub is to have it taken away by professionals. They have the manpower and the trucks to haul it away quickly and efficiently. They can do it in a fraction of the time it would have taken you to do it yourself and there will be no mess.

A reputable junk removal company won’t just haul it to the nearest landfill. They’ll first see what can be recycled, such as the motor and pumps. If it’s a fiberglass hot tub, this too can be recycled.

Hauling a hot tub

Junk Removal company hauling a hot tub away

With the hot tub removed you can now get a new one or just have more living space for the family.  And you don’t have to worry about family members getting sick or injured.

If you live in the Washington DC area and have an old hot tub to remove then contact Nova Junk Removal. We also serve Northern Virginia and Prince George and Montgomery Counties in Maryland. We’ve removed dozens of hot tubs over the years and can get the job done efficiently and affordably. Call us today at (571) 432-8162