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For all the benefits of living in Washington DC there is one issue homeowners have a hard time dealing with. Getting rid of their junk. The city does a good job of hauling away your trash, but if you have a large amount of trash or a pile of junk or old appliances to get rid of you have few options. Even if you’re willing to do it yourself, your often out of luck.

What the City Won’t Haul

There are a number of items that the city of Washington DC won’t haul from a residence from large appliances to construction debris. The list is long and if you’re doing a remodeling project, a lot of debris from the project can’t be set outside for pickup.remodelingproject

You can schedule a special pickup, but you have to do it 2 weeks in advance and you have to limit the number of items you put out to 7. So if you have a lot of items you might have to schedule two or more pickups to get all your junk removed. This can be a lot of time to have your junk setting around the house or on your property.

Where To Haul Your Trash Yourself

There are options if you’re willing to do it yourself.  One is to drop it off yourself to Ft. Totten Transfer Station provided you can make it on weekdays from 1 pm to 5 pm or on Saturdays from 8 am to 3 pm. And many of the items the city won’t pick up, they also won’t accept at the station, including most types of debris from construction or remodeling such as drywall, ceiling tiles and demolition debris. You can’t even take in your household trash as that must be left in your trash bin for the city to pick up.

The City of Washington DC Doesn’t Have a Landfill.

If you have more than what the station will take or if you have a lot of construction debris, then you really don’t have any options. Washington DC doesn’t have a landfill and the states of Virginia and Maryland have changed the laws about who can use their landfills. You have to be a resident of the state to use their landfill. Even if you could would you really want to wait in a long line and then have to worry about what you might run over.

How Are You Going to Haul Your Junk?


Washington DC Landfill Issues

Unless you have a pickup truck do you really want to load junk into your family car or your SUV? That is fine if you what your hauling is clean, but if its construction debris, do you want drywall getting into the carpet of your car. And if its liquids do you risk having something leak out. Then there’s the smell that can linger aft you’ve dropped off everything.

A Simple Solution – Hire A Professional to Haul Your Junk

The answer to what is the best way to get rid of your junk in Washington DC is to hire a professional. With Nova Junk Removal you only have to pick up your phone and schedule a time that is convenient for you. You don’t have to bag everything and you don’t have to haul it to the curb. You simply point out what you need hauled and we’ll take it away. And we’ll haul almost anything including your construction and remodeling debris. Call us today at 877-211-6682 to schedule your pickup and avoid any hassles or messy problems.