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Whether you’re cleaning up after a remodeling project or just want to clean up the house, getting rid of the junk can be a time consuming process. It can also be a painful process if you injure yourself while taking care of the junk. And in the end you might have a vehicle that you now that you have to clean up once you’ve dropped off the junk.

If you’ve gotten to the point where you have more junk than you can set out for your weekly pickup, then you might be thinking of getting rid of it yourself.  This might be fine if you have just a few small items to get rid of, none of which are heavy or dirty. Even then. depending on how far away you live from the landfill, it could be a long trip and when you get there, a long wait in line.20141113_103417_resized

The Risk of An Injury

Let’s say, however, you have a lot of items spread throughout the house. Some in the attic, some things in the basement. And some of those things could be large.  Imagine it’s the old couch that you have to haul from the upstairs and out to your vehicle. A simple misstep could wrench your back or injure the person assisting you. Or maybe it’s an object that is heavy. As you lift it you feel an immediate pain in your back. Suddenly that one-day job has you seeing a doctor or a chiropractor for a few visits.

Maybe the object isn’t heavy, but it’s old and damaged. It’s been sitting in the basement for a while and now when you pick it you cut yourself on a rusted part or a nail sticking. Hopefully you have had a tetanus shot recently.

There are a lot of hidden hazards to getting rid of junk. We’ve been called to many homes to remove their junk and learn the homeowner had started to do it themselves, but injured themselves in the process.

Ruining Your Vehicle, Your Home, Or Your Day

Because of the weight of some items, it can be hard not just on your body to remove them, but also your home. It doesn’t take much to scratch a wood floor or accidently bang into a wall and leave a nick. You also need to be aware of what’s in the box your hauling in case it falls apart during the transport. Suddenly an old vase is in a hundred pieces on your carpet or some liquid has spilled out and stained the floor.

If you’ve had no issues hauling the junk, there could still be problem when you start to load. If its remodeling debris, you might have drywall, which can get into your car. Or it’s something messy that could stain your car. Make sure you put something down in the vehicle to keep it as clean as you can. And hope that nothing spills and seeps through the cloth you put down.

Then you get done loading and you realize you still have a lot of items that don’t fit. Then you have to decide if you’ll do a second trip that day or plan on finishing the project another day. It can be hard to judge how much space all the junk will take.  Be careful how much you haul out before your vehicle is full or you’ll be hauling some of it back.

The last hazard you’ll be facing is the landfill itself. And it’s not just the long lines of vehicles waiting to get in. Once you’re in, you’re traveling over roads that junk has spilled out onto. And depending on where you’re directed you might end up on the edge of the landfill. You need to be careful that you don’t accidently drive over a nail or sharp object that will damage one of your tires.

It’s not that hauling junk yourself is a dangerous mission. For most people there are relatively few issues with hauling their trash and unwanted items. Yet it can be a headache and you have to work around the landfills hours, which isn’t always convenient.

The Simple Solution: Hire A Professional

The simple solution is to hire a junk removal company, like Nova Junk Removal. With our services there is no lifting needed on your end. You simply show us the item and we’ll haul it out. And we work around your schedule so you simply pick a time that is convenient for you and that is when we’ll show up with a vehicle large enough to get rid of all your junk. If you’re thinking of doing it yourself, call us first. We’ll at least give you an estimate so you can decide it it’s worth the headache of doing it yourself or having us take care of the problem. Call us at 877-211-6682.