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The attic might be the most forgotten room in your house. It’s not a room you take guests to or spend quality family time in. In fact, it’s not a room you go to very often unless its to look for Christmas decorations or old family photos.

Because you seldom go there, it’s easy to forget how congested it has become. It’s only when you’re looking for Christmas lights do you wish you had cleaned it out. Unfortunately, after Christmas, you’ll forget this inconvenience.

Over time the attic has become the place where you put the items you seldom use. Or the items you intended to throw out, but never got around to.

This is the perfect time to finally address the problem with the attic. You might have more time on your hand at the moment or need space for some belongings you need to store.

Why A Cluttered Attic Can Be An Issue

The main problem with an attic is often getting around in it safely.

With its sloped ceiling, an attic can be treacherous, especially for taller people. As you move further inward you have to being hunching donw.

Another difficulty is that attics are often poorly lit. You may be walking around and not even able to see where you’re always stepping. If you’re trying to step over boxes or maneuver around old furniture, then you might not notice the old toy your about to step on.

An attic was never intended to be a high traffic area, but you also don’t want to come down from it with a twisted ankle or an injured back.

An overcrowded attic only makes the situation worse.

Another problem you might have discovered is that whenever you need to get something from the attic, you realize its tucked away in the back. That to reach it you first have to clear other things out of the way.

You don’t want to add time to your project just to do a scavenger hunt just to find what you need out of the attic.

What To Do About a Cluttered Attic

The simple solution is to simply get rid of everything you don’t need out of the attic.

Problem is that this solution can often be anything but simple.

The attic is not like other rooms where you simply go around and pick things up and then haul them outside. In most cases, access to the attic might be a small opening and involve a ladder or folded up staircase.

This means you need to have a strategy in place.

Hopefully, your attic isn’t too cluttered that you can move things about. If it is, then try to remove anything you’re getting rid of that is near the opening.  You want to have some space in which to work. Preferably near the peak of your attic so you’re not crouched down the entire time.

The next step is to decide what you want to get rid of and try to pile that up near the opening. Try to have it within arm’s reach if your standing on some wooden steps or ladder.

Be careful when you are hauling things down. That you can safely carry it. If its an old worn box, then transfer it into something more secure.

You could also make this a team effort. Hand down things to someone standing below so you’re not going down with your arms filled as you try to maintain your balance.

As you clear out the attic of junk, then begin organizing the items that remain.

Have all your Christmas decorations in one area, Halloween décor in another and family keepsakes separate from both of those. Leave room in between sections so you can safely get to them. It will save you time and potential injury later.

Finally, evaluate some of the items your keeping. Is it stuff you really want to keep. The items could be in good condition, but if you’re not going to use them, then why keep them. Instead, consider donating these items.

The more space you can clear out the better.

Getting Rid of the Junk From Your Home

Once you have the junk out of the attic, you still need to dispose of it. This may be difficult in today’s environment. After all, the reason you put many of the items in the attic was that it was too much to simply toss in a trash can.

Now with COVID-19, there may be other factors in disposing of it. In the past you might have simply scheduled a second pick-up from the city. Since many municipalities are overwhelmed with trash, they aren’t doing special pickups.

Going to the landfill might also be an issue as some are restricting access to the public or prohibiting items they accepted in the past.

If you have a lot to get rid of then consider renting a dumpster.

The Easiest Way to Clear Out an Attic of Junk – Hire Professionals

If you don’t have the time or the desire to tackle this job yourself, then consider hiring a professional junk removal company.

Not only can they dispose of the junk, then can safely remove it from the attic. Just point out to them what you want to be hauled away and they’ll take it down.

If you’re concerned about interacting with them because of the coronavirus one option would be to have signs on piles of what you want to be removed. Or have it all in one area that you can then direct them to.

Then leave them to do the heavy lifting.

Hire Nova Junk Removal

If you live in Northern Virginia, Washington DC or Prince George or Montgomery Counties in Maryland, then contact Nova Junk. We can help clear out your attic and do it in a way that is safe for you and us.

For one, we’re taking extra precautions. From wearing gloves to wearing face masks all the time.

After each job, our workers dispose of their gloves immediately. They sanitize their hands constantly. We’ll maintain a safe distance from you and you can even pay over the telephone if you want.

At the end of each day, we thoroughly clean each truck.

Give us a call (877) 211-6682.

We also have a dumpster rental division. We offer a variety of dumpsters sizes for rent, so whether you need something small or big for your attic we can accommodate you. Give us a call at (833) 610-3867 for a free, no-obligation quote. And learn about our contract-free service.