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When a torrential rainstorm happens and flooding begins, it can be a stressful time for homeowners or business owners. Even just a little amount of water in a basement or a room can cause a lot of damage.

If you’ve suffered through flooding, whether from a natural disaster, or maybe a burst pipe, then you have a lot to deal with. Getting in touch with your insurance company, getting estimates from contractors, and perhaps salvaging what you can of the items that were damaged. The last thing on your mind might be getting rid of the items that were ruined.

Most likely one of your first steps after the storm was to haul anything damaged out of your house or your business to dry out. Now it lies there, where you dropped it.

Flooded basement

Unfortunately, with water damage, there can be a lot to get rid of from carpeting to damaged drywall or perhaps appliances such as a furnace or water heater.

Having the City Haul it Away

If the items are small enough you might be able to take care of some of it yourself. Maybe your city is allowing for free storm pickup or you might be able to schedule a special pickup. If the items are large, however, or your city won’t pick it up, then you’re left wondering what to do. Like what to do with the yards of wet carpeting you hauled out of your basement.

Doing the Job Yourself

You might consider hauling the junk yourself, but will a pickup truck be enough.  But you might be in a place like Washington DC where you don’t even have a place to haul it. Even if you do, then you might have to take some items to different locations, depending on what it is. Electornics to one area, carpeting to another, etc.

Renting a dumpster is one option for you, provided you can get a dumpster when they’re in the most demand and you have a place to put it. Yet, even if you have one at your disposal, it’s not like your tossing a few items into it.  Some of the items like the carpeting may be hard for someone or even a couple people to toss into by themselves. Plus your paying fees on the dumpster as long as its sitting there.

While doing the work yourself, you could also inju

Storm debris removal - Virginia

Clearing your yard of storm debris

re yourself. If you’re not used to lifting you could very easily wrench your back. Or slip while removing things from the wet room.

What about Yard Waste

If the storm was strong you may have items to clean up outside, like down branches or maybe damaged items such as lawn furniture. Again your city might have free yard waste pickup or you can get tags. Yet, you have to get the material bundled up and often cut it down to a specific size. More work to do, when your already overwhelmed.

The Risks of Leaving the Debris Until Later

While you have a lot to deal with after a storm, the last thing you should do is just set everything out and forget about it. The debris you piled up outside could very easily become a home for mice or rats. If you’re a place to work it could become a hazard for your customers if they have to walk around it. You can’t just leave it all piled up in an alley.

Get Professionals To Help

There is a solution that is both affordable and most importantly, quick. As your calling contractors to help repair your home or your appliances, you should also call professionals to help with the flood debris. A junk removal company can take of your problem quickly and efficiently, with little work on your part. They can haul away everything from ruined carpet to damage water heaters and damaged belongings. With the proper trucks and their manpower, they can make short work out of getting the junk hauled.

They can also take care of everything from ruined carpet to long tree branches. You don’t have to do any special preparation to get it removed. Simply point to the items and they’ll remove it.

After the storm, you want to get on with your lives and reclaim your home. Getting rid of the damaged property as efficiently and quickly as you can will allow you to get on with your life or business.

If you live in the Washington DC area and have water damaged debris, then contact Nova Junk Removal. We also serve Northern Virginia and Prince George and Montgomery Counties in Maryland. At Nova Junk our fees don’t change because a storm has passed through our community. Call us today to schedule a pickup at (571) 432-8162