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In the dog days of summer, you’re likely doing a lot of yard work at your home. It could simply be mowing the grass or it could be trimming trees. Maybe you had a storm through recently and it left behind some damage your cleaning up. Whatever the case as you’re doing some of the work, make sure you’re not putting your health at risk.

The problem with many homeowners is that they spend most of the week at a desk or for older people maybe you don’t get outside as much as you did. Now you’re not only out in the heat, but you’re exerting your body in a way that it’s not use to. The result is you’re left with back pain that can cost money to treat and just as bad, can linger long after the snow has fallen this winter.Doing yard work can be painful

When doing yard work, treat it as if you’re exercising. Stretch a little beforehand and know your limitations, such as how much you can lift. If the branch is large and you have trouble lifting it, dragging it across the lawn can still cause you to throw your back out.

If you’re looking for some advice to stay healthy, here are some things you can do.

Cut the pieces into manageable sizes – it may take longer, but theres less risk in lifting them

  • Wear protective clothing – it’s not just your back that’s at rise doing yard work, but your hands and feet.
  • Wear strong gloves and shoes or boots that provide some protection.
  • Drink plenty of fluids and rest when needed – many injuries occur when you get tired or worn down.

Here is a informative article that provides further suggestions on how to stay safe doing yard work.

A Call to A Junk Company Is Cheaper than a Doctor Bill

If you have enough yard debris to be removed or large items around the yards such as an old swing set you’re finally getting rid of, then consider getting professional help, such as a junk removal company. They might not be able to pull the weeds in your garden, or rake leaves, or even cut your grass, but for many other things they can help.

Having a junk removal company come to your home to do the heavy lifting and remove the yard waste is a lot cheaper than a couple visits to the doctor. And at the end of the day you can sleep without your back keeping you awake.

The other nice thing about hiring a junk removal company is that they can get rid of other stuff around the home. Those old appliances that are taking up room in the basement or that broken book case which takes up room and looks unattractive. Simply point out to them what you want removed and they’ll haul it away. No lifting at all on your part.

Have professionals haul away your yard debris

Junk haulers have learned to lift safely and often know immediately what they can or can’t lift on their own. Since there is often more than one, they can still get the job done. If not, they have the tools to take it apart. That old hot tub that no longer works or that neglected swing set out back will be taken care of in short order.

If you live in the Washington DC area and have yard wasted to be removed then contact Nova Junk Removal. We also serve Northern Virginia and Prince George and Montgomery Counties in Maryland. Let us do the heavy lifting so that you can enjoy your backyard and not have to struggle through the day with a sore back. Call us today at (571) 432-8162