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For a Realtor selling a home quickly and at the price a home seller has set is their top priority. To achieve this goal having a junk removal company you can rely on will help the sales process and also benefit your clients in other ways.

One of the first steps before listing a home is to get it to look good. Broken furniture, piles of newspaper, and other trash must be removed. This seems

Junk Removal Services For Real Estate Agents

Junk Removal Services For Real Estate Agents

simple enough. Yet, if the homeowners are busy with their jobs, packing their belongings, and perhaps their search for a new home, they might not have time to get the trash hauled. And setting everything out to the curb might not be an option if there is a lot to haul or if there are items the city won’t haul.

Here are some reasons a junk removal company is a better option to clear out the real estate listing:

  • Quick Response Time – A junk hauling company can often be there in a day or two of being called.
  • Can Take Care of the Big Stuff – Some items such as an old freezer or a worn out couch can be hauled by the staff and not the homeowners
  • Recyclable Materials Can Be Included – Perhaps some items can be recycled. The junk removal company will separate these items on their own and make sure they don’t end up at the landfill
  • They Can Clear up the Home and Property – How the exterior of a home looks can be as important as the interior. Have leaves, branches, an old swing set, even an old hot tub.
  • They Will Be Careful in Their Work – As the items are hauled out, the last thing you want is to have walls get nicked or floors scratched, leaving more work to be done before the open house.

The idea is to get the home as nice looking as possible and that it has a lot of space. As the seller goes through things they may be more willing to get rid of items if they know they don’t have to haul it. This makes for a home that looks more spacious and increases the chance of selling. It can also help with the appraisal of the home.

It also makes things easier once the house is sold. There is less to move, now that the old and unwanted items have been disposed of.

Foreclosures and Rental Properties

In the real estate business, it isn’t just about selling homes for customers. Foreclosures and rental properties can be another big part of your work day. With both you want to get the property sold or rented as quickly as possible.  Yet, the previous tenants might have left behind a lot of furniture, debris, and junk. A junk removal company can come in and clear the property so that you can have painters and contractors get the place ready to list.

Why You Want a Junk Removal Company That You Can Trust20140807_075732

Perhaps the homeowners have a junk company they’re already familiar with.  If not, you want a junk removal that you can confidently recommend to them. That they don’t have to go online searching for someone on their own and end up with a company that doesn’t satisfy them.

Here is what you want in a junk removal company you can safely recommend to homeowners

  • The company is dependable. They arrive at the time the homeowners requested.
  • They act professional while interacting with customers.
  • They offer competitive pricing
  • That they have the capabilities to remove small items or truckloads of debris.

How We Work With Realtors

At Nova Junk Removal we have a number of Realtors that rely on us to help with their real estate listings. They appreciate our work ethic and that our prices are fair. That if the sellers researches us online they’ll see all the great comments our customers have left about us. We serve Washington DC, Northern Virginia, or Prince George and Montgomery Counties in Maryland. We have the trucks and staff to help get your client’s homes taken care of.