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It seems so simple and affordable. Go to one of those large home improvement stores and pick up a bagster bag. Then fill it up and when you’re ready to get rid of it, someone will come to pick it up. Yet, what seems convenient, and cheap, might be anything but.

You’re in the middle of a home improvement project and when you go to a local store to get supplies you notice something hanging on a hook that seems intriguing. It’s just a green bag folded up, but the packaging holds a lot of Using bagster versus hiring a junk removal companypromise. The actual bag looks surprising large and can hold up to 3,000 pounds.

Sounds like it will do the trick in helping to get rid of your junk. After all someone else will then haul it away. Yet, you might want to hold off on that purchase right away.

The Costs You Didn’t Expect

While the bagster may seem so cheap at the checkout counter you find out that when they pick up it up, the cost is a lot more than you expected. The company is charging you to pick up the bagster and then they’ll charge you fees to dispose of it.

They might Not Serve Your Area

You might have picked up the bagster in one location, but on getting home you find out on their website they don’t have service in your area. Hopefully, you looked into this before you started filling it up.

You Can’t Overfill the Bag.

As you fill the bag, you might be tempted to fill it as high as you can. This won’t work. They need clearance space for the straps. So then maybe a second bag is the option. Remember though you’ll be paying additional fees for the pickup of a second or third bag.

Not Everything Can Go In the Bag

Just as your city might have restrictions, there are a number of items you can’t put in the bag such as electronics, some appliances, etc.

They Need Room To Pick Up The Bag

It’s not like you can fill up the bagster and set it out on the curb like you would for a normal pickup. There are requirements for it to be picked up. It must be five feet from any building and if your setting in on your driveway it must be 12 feet wide and have 18 feet of clearance space. So if you have trees overhanging your driveway you might be out of luck. And if they can you’ll need to sign a waiver first in case the driveway is accidentally damaged.

Since the bag could be very heavy you have to make sure you put it in the right space to begin with. This might mean hauling the junk further than you planned on.

The bagster might indeed be the solution for your junk removal problems, but first, do the research to make sure it will work for your specific needs or location.

An Easier Option To Bagster

There is an alternative to bagster and one which could be easier for you and in some cases, even cheaper. A junk removal can take care of your problem and even do much of the work. Instead of hauling everything out yourself, you simply tell them where everything is and they’ll haul it away. They can also take away many of the items you couldn’t put in a bagster, although there are still restrictions, such as liquid waste.

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