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Adopting a pet is always an exciting time, whether they’re moving in with your family or about to become your only roommate. Whatever the case you want to get your living space ready for them. This means making room for them to get around in and an environment that is safe for them to live in.

The first decisions you’ll likely have to make is what rooms will they be allowed in. If it’s a puppy or kitten, you might want to limit their space at first till they’reMaking Your Home Safe For Pets house broken.  Even if the pet is house broken, you might limit them to one room while everyone is gone during the day. So, focus on these rooms first as you’ll want to clear out some space for them, as well as protect some of the furnishing in them.

If the pet is going to have a free reign of much of the house, then the job just got bigger. Either way, here are some things you can do to get your home ready.

Here are some things you can do to prepare your home so that your new pet can adjust without injuring themselves or damaging your property.

Clear Out The Junk and the Heirlooms

The easiest way to find space for your pet to freely roam in is to get rid of some of the clutter. Haul this out of the room, along with things such as valuable furniture that they might damage while you’re not around. If the rugs are expensive, then consider packing them up for a while and replacing them with cheaper ones.

Make Room in the Attic and Basement

Don’t just clean out the junk in the rooms the pet’s will be in. Since you might be moving furniture out of the room they’ll be in, then clear out some space in other rooms in order to store it. While you’re doing this look for other things you might want to get rid of. If you’re starting to get a pile, then why not add to it things you long ago should have tossed out. Not only will your pet have some room to move about, but now so will you in other rooms.

Clear Out The Yard

It’s easy to think about what they could damage around the home and not think about what risks they might get into with your yard. Do you have debris around the yard or piled up alongside the house? Also look for damaged fencing or places they could possibly hide themselves away in.

Quick Checks of the Home

In addition to moving things around and removing obstacles you want to take the approach you would if you had a small child in the house. Here are some quick things to review in the rooms they’ll be in.

  • Make sure cleaning products are safely locked away
  • Look for any frayed or damaged cords
  • Are there trash cans they could be trying to get into.
  • Ensure any plants in the home are pet safe
  • Keep dryers and other cupboards closed

What to do with the Junk

Now that you’ve cleared up the home and the yard, you’re likely to have a lot to get rid of. Maybe it’s not that much and you can simply bag it up and take it to the curb. Yet, if it’s more than you expected and know that you can simply set out to the curb, then consider bringing in help.

A junk removal company can come in and take away all that you have. As mentioned before this might be the excuse you need to get rid of a lot of unwanted items. Unlike with the city, you don’t have to bag up everything and pile it up. Especially with bigger items, simply leave them where they are and then have the haulers do the heavy lifting.

Now that you’ve made room for your pet, it’s time to simply bond with them and enjoy their company without worrying about what they might get into.

If you’re a pet owner in the Washington DC or live in Northern Virginia and Prince George and Montgomery Counties in Maryland then contact us. We can get rid of your junk quickly and you’re home will be safe for your new pet. Call us today at (571) 432-8162.