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When doing a home project, whether it’s in the yard or in the house, you can end up with a lot of waste. It could be tree branches, building materials, even an old swing set. Two of the things you could be left with having to haul seem the most mundane, dirt and concrete. Yet, ironically, they could be among the hardest to get rid of.

Getting Cement Hauled Away

You might just be replacing some of your sidewalk or maybe a few cement steps, or perhaps its an entire driveway. Whether it’s a small amount of cement or a larger number of pieces, it can still be an issue to get rid of the old concrete, even

Hauling Concrete

Hauling Concrete

if you have a pickup truck.

Let’s assume you do have a pickup truck or at least access to one for your home improvement project. You don’t want to overload it or it will damage the springs. You also want to protect the bed of the truck. You need to put a liner down or something durable so that you don’t scratch up the surface.

If it’s a small project, you might be able to do it in one load. If not, you might be spending as much time driving back and forth as you did breaking it up.
That’s where a professional junk removal company like Nova Junk can step in and help you finish your job. No straining your back (or your spouse’s back!) and no guessing whether you may have overloaded your car or truck. With professional junk removal, you can leave the concrete near where you removed it from. Whether inside or outdoors our professional haulers will carefully and safely remove it and take it away.

Pricing for concrete, dirt, rocks and other heavy materials

We often get calls from home owners who have taken on their own home improvement projects. Often there is some confusion over how to calculate the cost for removal of these heavier materials.

Hauling dirt

Hauling dirt

Here is a basic explanation of the pricing.

For a “normal load” most of the objects are bulkier, more than they are heavy. This allows us to fill our trucks up to the safest maximum amount, which is about one foot from the top edge of our trucks (have I mentioned yet that we have some of the largest trucks in the area?).

With a “heavy load” which is referred to as a “Bed Load” in the construction business, we have to limit how full the truck can be loaded based on the average weight of these heavy materials.

1 cubic foot concrete = 150 pounds
1 cubic foot soil = 110 pounds
1 cubic foot gravel = 90-105
1 cubic foot sand = 120 pounds

Those amounts seem so heavy when you look at one cubic foot. But our trucks, when filled one-foot-high, can hold 96 cubic feet!! So, even when filled one-foot-high, our trucks are capable of carrying up to 6000 pounds of concrete!! That’s equivalent to 3 Tons.

Not only are we putting that strain on your trucks, we are saving your body from moving those six tons of concrete around.

The average weight limit on most standard pickup trucks for personal use is 1000 pounds. So you would need to take 6 trips, both loading and unloading (the local dumps won’t unload it for you) to accomplish the same task.

For those of you who want to know how this converts to cubic yards…..
1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet

Our trucks are capable to carrying up to 3.5 cubic yards of concrete, rocks, and sand.

So, kind of makes you want to put down your shovel, grab a beer and give us a call. You’ve done the hard work of making your project dream come true, let us handle the clean-up for you.

If you live in Northern Virginia, Washington DC, or parts of Maryland and planning to move, then contact Nova Junk Removal. We’ll be glad to help you get rid of your concrete. Our team of professionals will come at a time that is convenient for you and take care of all that you need removed. Call us at 877-211-6682 and learn about our low price guarantee.