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Technology is constantly changing and to keep your company successful you need to keep up. That means getting the latest computers, the fastest printers, and the latest in ergonomic furniture.  As a result, your office is more productive, but you also have a lot of obsolete equipment lying around. In fact, it’s taking up valuable space and you need to get rid of it.

Educate Your Employees on What They Can Throw Away

It would be nice if you could just set your old office equipment out with the trash, but that’s not an option. Even a small laptop or tablet you can’t just toss into the trash bag, even if they fit. When it comes to electronics you have to be careful of how you dispose of them because of the environmental damage they can do.

While most of your staff will know not to simply toss a laptop in the trash, they might not be aware of other items that they shouldn’t simply discard. Old ink cartridges aren’t good for the environment, particularly if they leak. Tossing out old lightbulbs isn’t a good idea either. With cartridges first see if there is a way to recycle them. If not, separate them, and light bulbs from your usual trash.

Disposing of Office Furniture and Appliances On Your Own

If you have accumulated a lot of junk and out of date electronics, then it’s time to have them hauled away. You could assign a member of your staff to load everything into a vehicle and haul it themselves. This means they’ll have to make the trip to the nearest landfill, if that is even an option. For businesses in Washington DC, there is no landfill they can take any junk to.

And if they do have a landfill they can use, they have to keep the electronics separate from other trash they’re hauling. In addition to computer equipment, other items such as televisions, DVD players, VCR and cell phones should all be dropped off at specific facilities. Then there is the amount of time they’re going to be gone, both driving and waiting in line at the landfill.

More importantly do you have a vehicle you could even use to haul everything away. Do you simply load everything into the company car and hope nothing gets damaged or stained. This is why the best option is to bring in a junk removal company.

Hiring a Junk Removal Company to Remove Your Office Junk

If you’re bringing in a junk removal company, then do some research and make sure that you’re using an eco-friendly hauler.  They’ll dispose of it in the proper manner and more importantly only look as the landfill as the last resort.  They’ll look at the equipment you’re getting rid of and see if it can benefit others.

Anything that is still usable can be often used by someone. A low income family

Office Junk Removal in Washington DC

Office Junk Removal in Washington DC

can benefit from having a printer in which their child can print off their homework. Same for any furniture you’re tossing out. Anything that is recyclable will also be separated from the trash being hauled. It also means less to take to the landfill, particularly after any recyclables are removed.

Take This Opportunity To Clean Out Your Work Space.

Don’t forget this is a business expense, so you might want to take full advantage of it. Get rid of all the old junk that might have accumulated around the office, such as old brochures, promotional material and all types of furniture and appliances including:

  • Bookcases
  • Office chairs
  • Armoires and computer cabinets
  • Desks
  • Conference tables
  • Training and break room tables
  • File cabinets (lateral and vertical)
  • Workstation cubicles and panels

If your business is in a warehouse or a factory, then there are other items that could be hauled away. It could be out of date products or packing supplies, then clear this out too. Let the junk removal company know how much is to be hauled in case they need to schedule more trips or more vehicles. Still you’ll not only be making the office more efficient, but the rest of the company, as well.

If it’s your home office you’re clearing out, then why not get rid of other trash you have about the home. If necessary, have the junk hauling company create two receipts, one for office related trash and junk from about the home.

If your business is located in Northern Virginia, Washington DC, or in either Prince George or Montgomery County in Maryland, then contact Nova Junk. We’ll show up at the time you schedule and you simply have your staff point out any items they want us to take. No need for them to disrupt their schedule and pile up everything off to the side.  Call us at (877) 211-6682 to schedule a pickup when it’s convenient for you and your staff.