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It’s one of the hardest choices a family can make. Deciding when its time for their parents to leave the family home and move into something smaller. It could be a decision they’ve come to on their own. Or it could be the result of them no longer being able to take care of themselves and needing

Whatever the reason, you now have to make a lot of decisions. A lot of it will be based on how big the family home is and how small the new living space will be.

Tips to downsize your parents home

Downsizing your parents home

Deciding What They’ll Need

The first thing to decide on is what they’ll need and just as important, what they have room for. They may be going from a family home to something with just two bedrooms. They won’t have the storage space they once did and might not have the large dining room they’re used to. So decide on what they’ll be taking with them.

Keep in mind that you don’t want them feeling crowded in their new location. So don’t think you can fill up the entire space with things.

Do the Work In Stages

Unless you’re on a time crunch there’s no sense in tackling everything at once. This only overwhelms everyone and adds more anxiety to the situation.  Go through a couple rooms at a time. If it goes smoothly and quickly, then continue. If it takes time and there is a lot of debate over items, then take breaks. Come back another day if possible.

Remember this is going to be tough on most members of the family. It’s not just mom and dad are moving, but that they’re giving up the family home.

What Will Family Members Want

With the items that won’t be taken, there are going to be furniture and belongings that other family members might find useful or have sentimental value. This again can be tough. It might be best just to list the items out and then decide when the list is complete who gets what.

What Can Be Sold or Donated

Once you know what is not being taken, its time to decide on what to do with the items that still have value.

A yard sale is one option. Set out the items your selling in the garage and schedule a couple days for people to stop by. Then price out the items and hope most everything sells.

If items are worth a lot or you have a lot of big items, then an estate sale is the route to take. Contact various businesses in the area and get estimates as well as read testimonials or reviews about them. You want a company that will publicize the sale and helps you get top dollar for your items.

Donating to a local charity is another great option. It could be gently used items that you can’t sell or maybe its everything. Many local charities will pick up items if needed or you can simply go to a center and drop off items. You might do this in stages as you clear out rooms, just to start freeing up space. This can also be a great way to get rid of clothing. The kid’s old clothes or things your parents no longer wear can be of use to someone in your community.

Get Rid of the Junk With the Help of Professionals

No matter what, there is going to be a lot of junk to get rid of as you go. Most likely things have accumulated in the attic or basement that your parents long ago intended to dispose of.  Yet, even as you go through the other rooms, you’ll find items that are broken or worn out. Or even out of date. Plates that don’t match or are chipped. Appliances that have broken cords. Mattresses that are worn out and stained.

Most likely you’ll start to realize that you have a lot to dispose of. A lot more than you can simply bag up and set out on the curb. You could plan a trip to the local landfill (if that’s an option in your community), but this takes a lot of time. There’s already enough for everyone to do.

This is where a licensed and insured junk removal can come in handy. Not only do you not have to bag everything up, many of the bigger items you can where they are. When the junk haulers arrive point out what needs to be removed. Let them do the heavy lifting.

If there are old newspapers or magazines that have piled up, they can also take care of these. In fact, they’ll be looking for items that can be recycled. Most reputable junk removal companies sort through items so as not to simply take everything to the local landfill.

Another option is to rent a dumpster. This way you can carry trash or junk out as you come across it and toss it into the dumpster.  Talk with the representative to find out what sizes are available and get the dumpster size you need.

Clearing out the junk will be a great way to free up space. And once you have most everything moved out, sold or donated, you can have them come back to get the last remaining items that are cluttering up the home.

Contact a Realtor

Unless someone in the family is moving into the home or you’re selling it on your own, you’ll need a Realtor. You can do this early in the process or near the end when much of the house is cleaned out. Again, take the time to find an experienced Realtor that everyone is comfortable with, particularly your parents. Someone that will be sympathetic to the situation and help to find someone who will enjoy the home as much as you and your family did.

Whatever the circumstances surrounding your parents have to move, it can be an emotional time. Be sympathetic to everyone’s feelings and get professional help with some of the work. It will help to make the transition easier for everyone.

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