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The holidays are over and the family members from out of town have gone back. Everything has been unwrapped and a few items have even been returned to the store. All that is left is to get the home back in order. Unfortunately, your house might seem a bit crowded now with all the boxes, wrapping paper, and no longer needed Christmas decorations.

Christmas tree discarded in the trash.

Christmas tree discarded in the trash.

As you start to bag up everything you realize you have a lot to get rid of. Even though the city might pick up some of the items, it could take a while to get everything cleared out. If you want to quickly get rid of your Christmas leftovers, at least the non-edible kind, then consider hiring a junk removal company. They can haul away your Christmas tree and a whole lot more.

There are a number of reasons why the time right after the holidays is the perfect time to get professional help.

Your Advertising to Your Neighbors What You Bought

One problem with setting everything out to the curb to be picked out, even if it’s boxes, is that you’re potentially advertising to your neighbors and perhaps some not so nice people that you just bought. They can see the box for your big screen television or the one the new Ipad came in. You’re in fact alerting anyone that comes by that you have some nice, new expensive toys in your house.

No Hauling it Through the Snow

Depending on how much snow is on the ground, it can be a chore to drag out the tree, fold up all the old boxes, and bag up all the wrapping paper, ribbons, and plastic. You could spend more time bagging than it took to wrap everything. Then as you haul it to the curb, you slip on an icy patch and wrench your back. With a junk removal company, you simply point out where everything is and have them haul it outside.

Get Rid of the Items Just Replaced

That new toaster is a definite improvement over the old one, but now what to do what one. A lot of Christmas gifts end up replacing something you already had and there’s no sense in keeping the old if they’re only going to take up space. Add these items to the list of things to go.

This is the Time To Clear A Lot of Junk Out.

Except for shoveling snow or firing up the snow blower there is little to be done outside. And most likely you’re not going to start a remodeling project so soon after the holidays. So with the free time you do have, why not look around the house and get rid of all that stuff filling up the attic or the garage and which you’ll never use and which may not even work anymore anyway. Spring cleaning might be a couple months off, but since you have a truck coming, why not fill it up and have more room in the home.

People Are In Need This Time of Year

Just because the Salvation Army doesn’t have people on every corner ringing a bell, there are still people in need this time of year.  One would hardly think that by hiring a junk removal company you’d be helping people out, but many junk haulers don’t just carry everything to the nearest landfill. They first look through items for anything that can be recycled or better yet, can be reused. Any items that do have potential value for anyone are given to a local charity. Nova Junk Removal has a number of charities they drop items off at. This way that old toaster can be used by someone as well as those clothes you discarded.

You Schedule a Time When It’s Convenient For You

One of the headaches of scheduling a pickup for the city is that you have to set it out on a specific day. That means the night before you have to carry everything out. And if you’re going to need more than one pickup, you’ll have to repeat the task. With a junk hauling company, you schedule a time that works best for you, whether it’s late afternoon or early morning. And with professionals taking care of the job, it won’t require much time on your part.

If you’re recovering from the holidays and wanting to back your home, then contact Nova Junk Removal. We serve Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Prince George or Montgomery County in Maryland. We’ll show up at the time you schedule and haul everything away. And we won’t tell your neighbors about your nice new electroincs.  Call us at (877) 211-6682 to schedule a pickup when it’s convenient for you and your staff.