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Donate, Recyle, Landfill

Donate (to Charities)

Nova Junk is doing its part to ensure responsible disposal. When you call us to remove your junk, you’re also supporting charities throughout the Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland area. We sort through your clutter and donate anything that can be used by one of the many charities we support. Whether it’s an old bike from your garage or furniture from your basement, Nova Junk is helping to find new homes for your unwanted items.


We dispose of your clutter properly. In an effort to help the environment, Nova Junk sorts through all of your clutter to save recyclable items. Batteries, printers, refrigerators, and many other electrical and non-salvageable items are often disposed of incorrectly, this is extremely harmful to the environment. Safety is always a top priority at Nova Junk, not only for our customers and employees, but also for our environment.


Only after we’ve sorted through your junk, removing recyclable items and anything that can be donated, do we haul your junk to the landfill. By the time we’re done we typically take just one third of what we started with to the dump. Our goal is to take as little as possible to the landfill, and thus have as little an impact on the environment as we can.