We're still hauling junk. Learn how we are keeping our workers and our customers safe during this time

Getting Rid of Your Junk During COVID-19 Quarantine

In spending more time at your home, you may have decided its time to clear out the clutter that has accumulated over time. You’re tired of looking at it or simply feel cramped.

Perhaps you are using this time to undertake a landscape project or to do some home renovation.

What to do when you have junk to be removed.

Whatever the reason you know have some junk to get rid of. Yet, because of COVID-19, the way you could dispose of items has changed. The options you had in the past have likely changed and you need to be aware of this.

Here are typical ways you would normally get rid of your junk and how they’ve changed as a result of the coronavirus.

Schedule a Special Pickup With Your Refuse Company

This was always the easiest way to dispose of junk. Yet, with so many people working out of their home and ordering takeout more, many local services are overwhelmed with just their regular pickups.

Right now, many cities aren’t doing special pickups and probably won’t be for quite some while.

If your community still has this option you have to be aware that they don’t accept all items. And what they take now might be different than what they would have hauled in the past. For example, construction debris was usually prohibited. Now they might have other types they won’t remove or limit even more the number of items you can set out.

Taking Your Junk To Your Local Landfill

The most obvious solution is to haul the junk yourself to the local landfill.

The problem with this solution is that even in normal times, its hard to do if you don’t have the right vehicle. And even if you do, do you really want to risk damaging your family SUV or getting the interior dirty.

Yet, even with the right vehicle, this may not be an option. Many landfills aren’t open to the public at the moment.

If your local landfill is still taking trash you need to contact them to see if there are restrictions on what you can take. Many landfills that are open are not allowing items they would have taken in the past, such as appliances and electronics.

Donating to Local Charities

First of all its junk, you shouldn’t be taking it to a local charity.

But if it is items that are still in good shape and would have value then a charity might want it.

Most charities such as Good Will closed their stores at the start of the virus. Some are gradually open so check in your area to see if they’ve started accepting goods again. And if there are any restrictions on what they’ll accept.

When donating, however, you want to make sure its something they can use and not something they’ll simply have to dispose of. This just gives them an added workload. Read our article on what charities will and won’t take.

Finding Someone on Craigslist

Craigslist is where people turn to when they have odd jobs to be taken care of. It would seem natural then to look there for someone to haul away an old appliance or a load of junk.

The problem is that you want to make sure the person your contacting is going to dispose of the junk properly. Or that nothing happens when they’re picking up or transporting your items. Or what happens if they become injured lifting your junk. There are a lot of factors to consider.

It’s better to go with someone who does the work professionally and is licensed and fully insured, like a junk removal company.

Hiring a Professional Junk Removal Company

Having a professional junk removal company is the easiest solution. They do all

Professional junk removal company – Nova Junk

the heavy lifting and will dispose of your items properly.

With a junk removal company, you can have them come into your home and business and carry it from where its at. In the past, this was the best option. You didn’t have to worry about lifting things, especially if they were oversized.

With social distancing, you might have reservations about having them come into your home. If that is the case you could set the items on your driveway or in your garage. Or have an area in your home where everything is.

Most junk removal companies have adapted to the current environment and taken special precautions. Employees wear masks, gloves, and practice social distancing.

You can pay your bill over the phone and if the items are outside or in the garage, you can literally have contact-free service.

Renting a Dumpster

This is another option which works in our current circumstances and which can be done contact-free.

You might think that you don’t have enough junk for a dumpster, but most companies have a variety of sizes for rent. And with a dumpster on your property, you might decide its time to clear out some of that clutter that’s accumulated over the years in your attic, basement or garage.

When you call the dumpster company, that conversation might be the only contact you need to have with the company. They can help you decide on what size you need, schedule your drop off and accept your payment. You can tell them where you want it placed.

When the dumpster arrives, you can avoid contact with the unit it you want. Simply toss items in. If you do need to open a door to the dumpster you can wear gloves. Even then most companies have cleaned the door before its arrived.

Nova Junk and The Precautions We’re Taking

If you live in Northern Virginia, Washington DC or Prince George or Montgomery Counties in Maryland, then contact us. We’ve taken a number of precautions to keep your customers and our staff safe.

After each job our workers dispose of their gloves immediately. They sanitize their hands constantly.

At the end of each day we thoroughly clean each truck.

You can let us know where you want us to get the items and take care of your bill over the phone.

Give us a call (877) 211-6682.

We also have a dumpster rental division. We offer a variety of dumpsters sizes for rent, so whether you need something small or big we can accommodate you. Give us a call today at (833) 610-3867 for a free, no-obligation quote. And learn about our contact-free service.

Simplify Your Life – Clear Out the Clutter of Your Home.

If you’re like many Americans, you suddenly find yourself working out of your home. Or your home because your job or school is on temporary hiatus.

Whatever the reason it might start to feel a little cramped. It might not be your imagination. It could be that clutter that has accumulated over the years has started to take away your living space.

Getting rid of your junk through a junk removal company
One option is to hire a junk removal service

A broken vacuum doesn’t take up much room when you put if off to the side. But as you add a broken table, old clothing, a recliner you no longer use and the kid’s bikes, the items start to add up. So does the amount of room they take up.

Even if it’s just your attic or basement that is overcrowded it could be that other rooms are impacted, as well. You might have a table or some winter clothing you don’t want to get rid of but just pack away. Yet, all that space is taken up by clutter.

The simple solution is to get rid of it all. And this might be a good time to go through everything and clear a lot of it out. It’s a way to occupy your time and get some work done around the home.

Right away this sounds like a lot of work. First you have to gather everything up you want to get rid of. Then you have to find a way to dispose of it all.

But how do you do that if you don’t have a pickup truck at your disposal? Or if you, don’t want to spend an afternoon traveling to the local landfill to then unload it all.

You might consider having the city pick it up. That means getting it all bundled and bagged up. And if there is a lot of stuff, then you might have to schedule two trips.

Another problem is that some of the junk might be building materials left over from that home remodeling project you did a couple of years ago. Most cities won’t accept construction debris.

There are a simple solution and one that will make the work go a lot quicker. That is to hire a junk removal company.

No need to bag or tag or fill up a garbage can. Just toss it and your work is done. And if you don’t want to let strangers into your home at this particular time, there are options.

Dig Deep into Your Belongings

Most likely you already have a list in your head of what to get rid of. Those items that you’ve set aside in the basement, attic or a closet that you always intended to get rid of.

Yet, what about the items you hadn’t thought of disposing of.

Think of this as spring cleaning on steroids. Look around the home and peek into closets or move about the attic. Look for things you no longer use or wear. Clothes that are out of date, kids’ belongings they’ve long outgrown.

This is the perfect time to do an audit of all your belongings and assess what you really need.

Don’t Forget the Garage or Outdoor Space

It might not just be the home you feel constricted in. Do you get out of your car and find yourself maneuvering carefully so you don’t bump into something? Or can’t even open the door all the way because of the items along the side.

Clearing out the garage might entail getting rid of old landscaping tools or sleds that your kids stopped using long ago. There are bound to be a few things you could get rid of.

There also might be items you want to get rid of around the yard. It could be as simple as broken branches or other yard waste.

Yet, you might have an old swing set or shed that is gradually falling apart. Or a broken hot tub. A junk removal company can dismantle and haul everything away.

It Doesn’t All Have to Go to the Landfill

As you make your review you may come across items that you no longer want, but which are still in good condition. Perfect. These are items that you could sell later at a garage sale or better yet, donate to a local charity.

When considering donating items look them over carefully. Would you still use it if you needed to? They don’t want items that are damaged or worn.

And there are certain items they won’t take such as if you have a pet or one of the occupants was a smoker.

Anything made of particle board is often rejected.

Making a trip to the local charity might not be an option right given the circumstances.

The Precautions We’re Taking with Coronavirus (COVID-19)

At Nova Junk we understand your concerns right now about the Corona Virus. We also know you still have junk to get rid of. We are taking extra precautions. Our workers change gloves after each job. They also sanitize their hands frequently. The truck is cleaned daily.

And you can pay over the phone so you can avoid contact completely if you feel more comfortable.

When we arrive, we can take the junk from your home or you can set it in the garage or driveway, and we can take it from there. Please give us a call to learn more about the precautions we’re taking. Or click this link to learn more.

Enjoying Your Newfound Living Space

With the dumpster hauled away you can now take advantage of the extra space. You might want to rearrange the furniture or simply enjoy not feeling claustrophobic in your home.

If you live in Northern Virginia, Washington DC or Prince George or Montgomery Counties in Maryland, then contact us. Give us a call (877) 211-6682.

We also have a dumpster rental division. We offer a variety of dumpsters sizes for rent, so whether you need something small or big we can accommodate you. Give us a call today at (833) 610-3867 for a free, no-obligation quote.

What Charities Won’t Take & What to Do When They Don’t Want Your Stuff

One way to clear out the clutter you’ve accumulated over the years is to pack everything up and take it to your local charity. You’re not only making more room in your living or workspace, but you’re doing a good deed.

Learn what local charities will and won't take before you drop off items.
Do you have items to donate or simply trash?

It also doesn’t hurt that if your item is big, such as a dresser or a couch, they might even pick it up for you.

Unfortunately, many of the items you’re thinking of donating won’t be accepted by many charities. And if you dropped it off, it’s not only not benefiting them, but leaves them with the problem of now disposing of those items.

Many charities are now very careful about what they accept, no matter if they’re selling the items or passing it on to the people they serve.

Here are some circumstances under which they don’t want what you have.

They don’t like trash

Some people think that charities and the people they serve will take anything. That is not the case. In the past, they might have been more willing to take items that were damaged, but with the rise in donations they can be more careful about what they accept.

Boxing up a bunch of broken toys and dropping it off only leaves them with more trash to get rid of. Be selective about what you plan to donate. Is it simply something you or a family member no longer uses, but which is still in good condition? That will work. If it’s because they can no longer use it, then pitch it.

Anything from a home where pets lived

There is nothing wrong with having a pet. Many of us have one. But if the items you take in have pet hair on them, the charities won’t be interested. The same if the items has chew marks or scratches from your pet.

Anything from the home of a smoker

The problem with cigarette smoke, in addition to being unhealthy, is that it gets into everything. If you’re a smoker you might not notice that your nice-looking couch smells like an ashtray. If you’re not a smoker you’ve noticed the smell right away and no matter what you did it won’t come out.

People who are looking to buy items at a Goodwill or Salvation Army won’t want to purchase items that will only smell up the room. The same goes for people who are in need and receiving items donated. They’re trying to improve their quality of life and bringing something in their home that smells, even if needed, won’t do that.

IKEA Furniture

Don’t worry, we’re not saying IKEA furniture doesn’t look good. Often times it does.

The problem is that most IKEA furniture is made with particleboard.

Particleboard isn’t durable, and you can’t make repairs to furniture made from it. You can’t sand out those scratches and nicks as you could with something made of all wood.

Most charities aren’t looking for items made of flimsy material such as particleboard no matter how nice it looks. It’s simply not designed to last.

Items That Need Repair

Your old dresser might still be in pretty good shape except for those chips and scratches. All it would take is for the charity to sand it down a little and put on a fresh coat of paint or stain.

That’s not the case. They’re not looking for items they have to refurbish or clean up. They don’t have the staffing for it.

If you have the time and think the finished product will look good, then do the work yourself before taking it to your charity. Then decide if it would be good enough for your friends to see at your house. If not, then don’t make the trip.

The same applies to any electrical product. If it doesn’t work, but could be repaired, it’s still not something they’re interested in.

Items Not Fully Assembled

Just as items that need to be repaired won’t be accepted, they also don’t want items that require assembly. Their workers are busy enough without having to set down with a set of instructions and tools for an afternoon to assemble something.

Again, if you think the item would have value to someone, then take the time to put it together before taking it in.

Mattresses and Box Springs

Most charities aren’t looking for items that have been slept on. No matter how clean you think they might be, there’s no way of the charity knowing that. So cross this off your list right away.

That goes for sleeper sofas as well.

Appliances and Certain TV’s

Most charities won’t accept many appliances such as a refrigerator or an old washing machine. Goodwill for example, won’t accept any large appliances, including air conditioners, water heaters, and freezers.

If you’re upgrading to a new larger-sized flat screen tv then they will take your old one. If that old tv is the old CRT televisions with the large cabinets and tubes inside they won’t accept that.

What to Do With Those Items, Charities Won’t Accept

Now that you know many of the items you have won’t benefit your local charity you might be wondering what to do with everything. After all, they are still taking up space in your home or business.

Nova Junk donates usuable items to local charities
We take only usable items to local charities

You could schedule a special pickup with your city if it’s not a lot of items. Then you just have to make sure everything is out on the sidewalk the night before and properly bagged or tied up in necessary.

Maybe you have items the city won’t take or more than they’ll take at one time. You could consider loading it up into a vehicle and hauling it to the local landfill. That’s if you have a vehicle you can use and don’t mind spending an afternoon getting the job done.

A third option is to hire a junk removal company to come in and take everything away.

This is especially nice if you have large items such as a mattress or a sleeper sofa to get rid of. You don’t have to worry about injuring your back or nicking the walls as you carry it out. A trained junk removal company will only need you to point out the items to be removed and they’ll take it from there. They have the manpower and experience to get it out without any issues.

If you live in Northern Virginia, Washington DC, or Montgomery and Prince George County’s in Maryland, then contact Nova Junk. We’ll not only haul away everything, but we’ll inspect it as we do. We work with a number of local charities and know what they’re looking for. If some of your stuff would still have some value to them, we’ll take it there ourselves.

Call us today at (571) 432-8162 for a free, no-obligation quote.

Downsizing Your Parents Home – How To Make The Transition Easier For Everyone

It’s one of the hardest choices a family can make. Deciding when its time for their parents to leave the family home and move into something smaller. It could be a decision they’ve come to on their own. Or it could be the result of them no longer being able to take care of themselves and needing

Whatever the reason, you now have to make a lot of decisions. A lot of it will be based on how big the family home is and how small the new living space will be.

Tips to downsize your parents home
Downsizing your parents home

Deciding What They’ll Need

The first thing to decide on is what they’ll need and just as important, what they have room for. They may be going from a family home to something with just two bedrooms. They won’t have the storage space they once did and might not have the large dining room they’re used to. So decide on what they’ll be taking with them.

Keep in mind that you don’t want them feeling crowded in their new location. So don’t think you can fill up the entire space with things.

Do the Work In Stages

Unless you’re on a time crunch there’s no sense in tackling everything at once. This only overwhelms everyone and adds more anxiety to the situation.  Go through a couple rooms at a time. If it goes smoothly and quickly, then continue. If it takes time and there is a lot of debate over items, then take breaks. Come back another day if possible.

Remember this is going to be tough on most members of the family. It’s not just mom and dad are moving, but that they’re giving up the family home.

What Will Family Members Want

With the items that won’t be taken, there are going to be furniture and belongings that other family members might find useful or have sentimental value. This again can be tough. It might be best just to list the items out and then decide when the list is complete who gets what.

What Can Be Sold or Donated

Once you know what is not being taken, its time to decide on what to do with the items that still have value.

A yard sale is one option. Set out the items your selling in the garage and schedule a couple days for people to stop by. Then price out the items and hope most everything sells.

If items are worth a lot or you have a lot of big items, then an estate sale is the route to take. Contact various businesses in the area and get estimates as well as read testimonials or reviews about them. You want a company that will publicize the sale and helps you get top dollar for your items.

Donating to a local charity is another great option. It could be gently used items that you can’t sell or maybe its everything. Many local charities will pick up items if needed or you can simply go to a center and drop off items. You might do this in stages as you clear out rooms, just to start freeing up space. This can also be a great way to get rid of clothing. The kid’s old clothes or things your parents no longer wear can be of use to someone in your community.

Get Rid of the Junk With the Help of Professionals

No matter what, there is going to be a lot of junk to get rid of as you go. Most likely things have accumulated in the attic or basement that your parents long ago intended to dispose of.  Yet, even as you go through the other rooms, you’ll find items that are broken or worn out. Or even out of date. Plates that don’t match or are chipped. Appliances that have broken cords. Mattresses that are worn out and stained.

Most likely you’ll start to realize that you have a lot to dispose of. A lot more than you can simply bag up and set out on the curb. You could plan a trip to the local landfill (if that’s an option in your community), but this takes a lot of time. There’s already enough for everyone to do.

This is where a licensed and insured junk removal can come in handy. Not only do you not have to bag everything up, many of the bigger items you can where they are. When the junk haulers arrive point out what needs to be removed. Let them do the heavy lifting.

If there are old newspapers or magazines that have piled up, they can also take care of these. In fact, they’ll be looking for items that can be recycled. Most reputable junk removal companies sort through items so as not to simply take everything to the local landfill.

Another option is to rent a dumpster. This way you can carry trash or junk out as you come across it and toss it into the dumpster.  Talk with the representative to find out what sizes are available and get the dumpster size you need.

Clearing out the junk will be a great way to free up space. And once you have most everything moved out, sold or donated, you can have them come back to get the last remaining items that are cluttering up the home.

Contact a Realtor

Unless someone in the family is moving into the home or you’re selling it on your own, you’ll need a Realtor. You can do this early in the process or near the end when much of the house is cleaned out. Again, take the time to find an experienced Realtor that everyone is comfortable with, particularly your parents. Someone that will be sympathetic to the situation and help to find someone who will enjoy the home as much as you and your family did.

Whatever the circumstances surrounding your parents have to move, it can be an emotional time. Be sympathetic to everyone’s feelings and get professional help with some of the work. It will help to make the transition easier for everyone.

If your downsizing your parents’ home and you live in Northern Virginia, Washington DC or Prince George and Montgomery Counties in Maryland, then contact Nova Junk Removal. We are a local junk removal company. And we have a dumpster division if that is what you’re looking for.

We have a reputation for low pricing and being on time. You want to know that when you schedule a pickup you don’t have to spend hours waiting on them to arrive. When you schedule a time with Nova, that is when we’ll be there. Give us a call at 571-432-8162.

Why Buying Bagster Might Not Be Your Best Option To Get Rid of Junk

It seems so simple and affordable. Go to one of those large home improvement stores and pick up a bagster bag. Then fill it up and when you’re ready to get rid of it, someone will come to pick it up. Yet, what seems convenient, and cheap, might be anything but.

You’re in the middle of a home improvement project and when you go to a local store to get supplies you notice something hanging on a hook that seems intriguing. It’s just a green bag folded up, but the packaging holds a lot of Using bagster versus hiring a junk removal companypromise. The actual bag looks surprising large and can hold up to 3,000 pounds.

Sounds like it will do the trick in helping to get rid of your junk. After all someone else will then haul it away. Yet, you might want to hold off on that purchase right away.

The Costs You Didn’t Expect

While the bagster may seem so cheap at the checkout counter you find out that when they pick up it up, the cost is a lot more than you expected. The company is charging you to pick up the bagster and then they’ll charge you fees to dispose of it.

They might Not Serve Your Area

You might have picked up the bagster in one location, but on getting home you find out on their website they don’t have service in your area. Hopefully, you looked into this before you started filling it up.

You Can’t Overfill the Bag.

As you fill the bag, you might be tempted to fill it as high as you can. This won’t work. They need clearance space for the straps. So then maybe a second bag is the option. Remember though you’ll be paying additional fees for the pickup of a second or third bag.

Not Everything Can Go In the Bag

Just as your city might have restrictions, there are a number of items you can’t put in the bag such as electronics, some appliances, etc.

They Need Room To Pick Up The Bag

It’s not like you can fill up the bagster and set it out on the curb like you would for a normal pickup. There are requirements for it to be picked up. It must be five feet from any building and if your setting in on your driveway it must be 12 feet wide and have 18 feet of clearance space. So if you have trees overhanging your driveway you might be out of luck. And if they can you’ll need to sign a waiver first in case the driveway is accidentally damaged.

Since the bag could be very heavy you have to make sure you put it in the right space to begin with. This might mean hauling the junk further than you planned on.

The bagster might indeed be the solution for your junk removal problems, but first, do the research to make sure it will work for your specific needs or location.

An Easier Option To Bagster

There is an alternative to bagster and one which could be easier for you and in some cases, even cheaper. A junk removal can take care of your problem and even do much of the work. Instead of hauling everything out yourself, you simply tell them where everything is and they’ll haul it away. They can also take away many of the items you couldn’t put in a bagster, although there are still restrictions, such as liquid waste.

If you live in Washington DC, northern Virginia, and parts of Maryland then contact Nova Junk. When you call us at 571-432-8162, we’ll schedule a time that is convenient for you to pick up any junk you need to be hauled. You’ll also find our prices are surprisingly affordable.

What are the Qualities of a Good Junk Removal Company

You have some junk to be hauled away and you know you don’t have the time to do it yourself. You do some looking online and find several junk removal businesses in your area. Now you have to decide which one to call.

Pricing is important, but it shouldn’t necessarily be the deciding factor. After all, you could find help on Craigslist from some guy with a truck. Yet, you don’t know anything about this person and if something happens while they’re taking away your stuff whose responsible.

Adequate Equipment

You want to make sure they have the equipment to take care of your project. You Washington DC Junk Removal Companydon’t want a company making multiple trips because they only have a small truck. Likewise, you should make sure they have enough manpower if it’s going to be a big project. Again you don’t want the project drawn out because a single person is hauling everything out to the truck

Cleanup Afterward

If you have a pile of trash off to the side or expecting them to haul away an old hot tub or shed, you don’t want them to leave a mess behind. A responsible hauler will sweep up everything so that all you have left is an empty space.

Prompt Removal

The whole idea behind hiring a junk removal company is to save you time. If you end up waiting around hours after the scheduled appointment, it’s not only an inconvenience. It could also cause you to be late for work or for picking the kids up from school. The cable company gives you a 4-hour window in which they’ll arrive, but a reputable junk removal company should be more specific than that.

If they are running late for some reason they should let you know immediately so you can reschedule if necessary.

Are They Eco-Friendly

This might not be a major consideration to your choice, but it should be. Every year its estimated that 254 million tons of waste is taken to landfills in the U.S. Anything that can be done to cut down on that number will help the environment. In areas with a larger population, the amount of space in the

Donating reusable items to a charity

landfill could become an issue, as well.

An eco-friendly junk removal company will only take what is absolutely necessary to the landfill. They’ll look for items that can be donated or recycled. When you speak with a hauler, ask them if they do anything to lessen the amount they take to the landfill. If they don’t and enough people ask about it, it could result in them changing their approach.

Are They Bonded and Insured?

As mentioned before, hiring someone off the street could be a bad idea if something goes wrong. With a company that is bonded and fully insured, you don’t have to worry about a problem becoming an expensive bill. Granted chances are nothing will go wrong, but why take a chance with an uninsured company.

What Type of Reviews Do They Have

This might be one of the main deciding factors. Today you can find reviews at several places about a junk removal company. Their Google local listing is the first place. You can see the reviews left not just on Google, but also on other third-party sites. Take a few minutes to read some of them. Do they talk about the company being on time or providing an accurate quote? Were they courteous and professional?

Other sites to check for reviews are AngiesList, Home Advisor, Yelp, and Facebook.

Will They Be Able to Take All Your Junk

One thing when you speak to a junk hauler is to let them know what you have to be hauled. You don’t want them to show up and find they can’t take some of your items because they’re prohibited from doing so. There are things almost any junk removal company can’t haul, such as commercial waste or asbestos. For things like those, you might have to look for other options. Most likely the junk removal company can recommend a business.

Is Their Pricing Affordable

When you call, they should supply you with an estimate. Compare it to a couple other companies if necessary. Yet, as we pointed out, that shouldn’t be the only deciding factor. If they have low prices, but a lot of negative reviews, it might be better to go with the next most affordable company.

Not Disrupting Your Business

If you’re a business, you don’t want your customers or your employees to be bothered. Depending on your businesses hours you might not be able to schedule something after hours. So make sure they’re aware of this and they should be able to courteously and efficiently clear out your junk with little to no disruption.

If your home or your business has junk to be called and reside in Washington DC, northern Virginia and parts of Maryland, then call Nova Junk. If you look through our site, you’ll see we meet all the criteria for a good junk removal company.

When you call us at 571-432-8162, we’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have and then schedule a pickup that is convenient for you.

Getting Your Home and Property Ready For Fall With A Junk Removal Company

While spring cleaning gets all the attention, cleaning your home or property in the fall is just as important. While spring is the time to air out a home and get things cleaned. Fall is the time to prepare your home or office for the long winter months. After all, you’ll often be cooped up inside most of the time.

With a junk removal company, you can make your fall cleaning more productive

Get help cleaning your home in Northern Virginia
Fall cleaning projects

and more efficient.

Clear Out The Yard

Most likely most of your attention on the yard will be to take care of the leaves. Yet, as you rake you may realize that a lot of other things have accumulated on your lawn that needs to be removed.

What about items that no longer work and simply have been eyesores. The old hot tub, the broken-down shed, the swing set that is no longer used. They’re only going to get worse during the winter. So why not get rid of them now.

Clean Out the Gutters

Granted this isn’t likely to result in a lot of trash or yard waste, but it’s critically important to do. The last thing you want is for your gutters to be blocked up and then ice dams form that could potentially damage your roof.

Clear Out The Garage

You’re going to have to be getting the snow blower out soon and also breaking out the shovels. You don’t want to have to rearrange the garage at the last minute when the first snowfall arrives.

Instead go through the garage now and see what can be thrown away. Has the lawnmower finally reached its end or are there yard tools that are broken. The more room you can make now the easier it will be to get around when the temperatures drop, and you want to move quickly.

Make More Room In the House

With the arrival of cold, you’ll be spending more and more time inside. Hopefully, cabin fever won’t set in for a few months, but why not make the home seem less crowded.

Go through the home and look for appliances that are broken, furniture that can’t be repaired and other items you set aside to get rid of one day, but never did.

Maybe you did some remodeling projects, during the summer, but now have leftover debris in the home or the garage. Get rid of that now.

As you have more space in the basement or attic, maybe you can move some of the furniture from the other rooms. Things you don’t use anymore, but still want to hang onto. This will make the home seem larger and also free up space for when the Christmas tree goes up.

Replace the Furnace Filter

Part of the problem with winter is that a home can seem stuffier. It’s even worse if you have an old furnace filter that not only makes your unit more inefficient but can create a musty smell. The odor is only part of the problem. It could also result in respiratory problems.

Kids Are Off to College

For some parents, the fall has a different meaning. It’s when their son or daughter goes off to college. It can be a stressful time for some, but it can also be a chance to finally clean their room. Who knows what’s accumulated underneath the bed all the summer. Or what is packed away in their closet.

If they’re off to college for the first time, then they might still have a lot of papers and books left over from high school they no loGetting rid of your hot tubnger need.

Fall cleaning can be a great way to make your home more livable and doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Use that first weekend after the kids leave to get the work done or when your favorite football team is on a bye.

When doing these various projects your instinct will be to pile them up somewhere outside or haul it to the curb to pick up. Maybe even haul it all to the nearest landfill, if that’s an option. Yet, all of these things take time.

The easiest option and the quickest is to hire a local junk removal company. Take them about the house and show them what needs to be hauled. They can do the heavy lifting, particularly if its something large and cumbersome. They can even haul away large things such as hot tubs, swing sets, sheds, and fences.

Nova Junk Removal serves Washington DC, northern Virginia, and parts of Maryland. When you call us at 571-432-8162, we’ll schedule a time that is convenient for you to pick up any junk you need to be hauled.

Cleaning Up After A Storm – What To Do To Make It Easier, Safer

When a storm passes through, it can leave devastating results to your home and property. Your first thought is to be relieved that no one was injured, hopefully. Your next thought is likely to be, where do we begin cleaning up this mess.

Even if you have a little damage, it can still be a headache. There could be insurance agents to call, photographs to take, and belongings to replace. You might not have enough to even make a claim, but you still have debris to get rid of.

Once you’ve first assessed the damage and resolved any issues with the insurance company, then its time to get rid of everything.

Storm debris cleanup in Washington DC
Cleaning up after a storm

Here are some things you can do to get the job done quickly and efficiently, while also keeping everyone safe.

Clear Out Any Water Damaged Items

If you have water damage, then you want to get the items out of your house. The last thing you want to have happen is to start to get mold damage from the moisture.  If the items are valuable or have sentimental value do you best to clean and dry them out.  Once everything is removed make sure the room is completely dry.

Are There Any Potential Health Risks?

A chance of mold we’ve already warned about, but there could be broken glass, damaged electrical appliances

Something else to consider is how much lifting involved. If there are heavy items in the basement that are water damaged or large tree limbs in the yard. Don’t try lifting things that are too much for you to carry or which you could twist you back as you haul it up. If necessary, leaves these items until you have more help, or better yet, can have professionals do the heavy lifting.

Broken branches, a damaged swing set, or maybe a shed that was damaged by a storm could be something someone can easily get cut on or trip over. Especially with swing sets and sheds, decide if you can repair them or if they’re too damaged to use safely anymore.

Time Might Be a Factor

Letting wet things lie around the house have the potential for mold, but simply hauling everything outside and piling it along the house isn’t something to do long term. It could quickly become a home for small creatures.  You don’t want a family of mice suddenly becoming tenants alongside your home. This is why you want to get things hauled away as soon as you can.

Damage to A Business

It’s not just homes that are singled out in a storm. Perhaps it’s your business.

storm debris cleanup being done in Northern Virginia
Professionals cleaning up after a storm

Then its not just your employees who could be at risk or simply inconvenienced, but your customers, as well. You don’t want customers coming in and finding a mess in your place or see a lot of junk piled alongside the building. The incentive to have everything cleared up is just as strong for a business owner as a homeowner.

Getting Rid of Everything

Now that you’ve decided what needs to be hauled away, you have to decide on how to accomplish this. If it’s just a few items that you can easily bag up and set out for the city to pick up. Just be careful that everything you set out is allowed to be picked up. Wet drywall or other building materials might be prohibited by your city.

If you have a vehicle full of junk to be hauled, you could do it yourself. Just be careful that wet items or damaged items that might have sharp edges don’t damage your vehicle. You don’t want to add to your woes by having the family SUV damaged in a run to the landfill. And make sure that everything you have packed up to haul will be accepted at the landfill. If you have questions, call their office and explain to them what you have.

Here’s Where Professionals Can Help

You might have already started calling contractors to take care of any damage to

Nova Junk at work cleaning up storm debris in Northern Virginia
Nova Junk cleaning up storm debris

your property, but before they even begin working, call a junk removal company. They can take of everything from the items damaged in the house, to any debris in the yard. There is no items to bag and you don’t even have to do the lifting. Just let the haulers know where items are, and they can take it from there.

Many insurance companies cover the removal of the debris. Even if your insurance carrier doesn’t cover it, the savings in time might be worth it. Not just the time in cleaning up but also in hauling it away to your local landfill. If your community even has a landfill open to the public. Some cities like Washington DC, don’t.

The other advantage to get professionals is that they can also take care of the junk you’ve been accumulating over the years. There might be items in your basement that weren’t damaged by water, but which have been taking up space for years. Or maybe those old appliances you have tucked away in the attic can finally be gotten rid of. As with the other stuff just lead the haulers to the spot and let them do the lifting.

Damage from a storm, whether its water in a room or damage to the exterior, can be disheartening, but it doesn’t have to become a long term problem.  The sooner you can take care of it, the sooner you can get back to your family or if you’re a business, to your customer.

If you’re home, or your business, has been through a storm and you need to clean up the mess, then contact Nova Junk Removal to help. We serve Washington DC, northern Virginia, and parts of Maryland. When you call us at 571-432-8162, we’ll schedule a time that is convenient for you to pick up your debris and any other junk you need hauled.

Working At Home – Give Yourself Some Room By Getting Rid of the Junk.

Whether you’ve been working at home for a while or just about to start, you want to have a productive work space. Simply sitting at the kitchen table might not be enough for you to get your work efficiently done. Particularly if you have a lot of office equipment, such as a printer, file cabinet.

The problem with setting up a home office is that space might already be a premium. Unless a family member recently moved out, you can’t simply add on an office to your home unless you really have a good budget. This means taking an existing space and converting it for your needs. So, before you begin buying office furniture you have to work out where you can set up shop without disrupting the family.

Find the Best Spot To Work In

The first thing is to try to determine what area might work for your office, even if

To be productive your home office must have space.

there currently isn’t any room in that location. Most likely, you want something away from the family and the distraction they might bring. And you also want someplace that has a strong Wi-Fi or an internet connection. If you expect to have clients stop by then you’ll need even more room, but also something they don’t have to walk through the rest of the house to get to.

Let’s suppose you found the perfect spot. Now what to do with everything already in that space. If it’s all stuff you can get rid of then, problem solved. Most likely, however, many of the items there are things you want to hold onto. Now it becomes a matter of where to put those items.

If space is already a premium in the home, then the next step is to go though some of the other rooms to find space for the items you have to relocate. Begin in the attic and the basement as these seem the best options to store things. Is everything in those rooms something you really need to hang onto. In looking around you have a good chance of finding items that are broken, out of date, or simply no longer needed.

As you go through the rooms, make a list of what can be disposed of. You might

A productive work space

be tempted to start hauling these items out back, thinking you’ll haul them to the dump or have the city pick them up. Hold off on this. It might be better in the long run to have a junk removal haul everything away.

You have enough to do getting your business off the ground. Do you really want to spend time not just collecting all the junk, but then packing up a vehicle, hauling it to a landfill, and then waiting in line to get rid of your junk?

The Advantages of a Junk Removal Company.

With a junk removal company, there isn’t much if any work to be done on your end. You don’t have to haul things out to the curb or even move them to another part of the house. Just point to what items are to be removed and they’ll do the heavy lifting.

Another reason you’ll benefit from their service is that you don’t have to worry about any damage to your home or your back. Their experienced in hauling so can safely remove items without nicking the walls up. And you don’t have to worry about arching your back as you haul things up or down stairs. Nor do you have to worry about your vehicle’s interior being damaged by junk.

Then there is the time issue. As mentioned, it can be a time-consuming task to load the junk and hualing it away. Or hauling items to the curb and bagging up items for the city to haul away. Now it just takes a few minutes of your time to get rid of everything.

If it is business related, you might even be able to take the service off as a tax deduction. It’s something you should talk to your accountant about.

Now Get The Space Ready

Now that you have all the junk cleared and a space ready for your office, you want to decorate it before moving things in. It might be just a new paint color or maybe you have some inspirational poster or artwork. This is a place you’ll be spending a lot of time in so you want something you can be productive in.

With the office done, it’s now time to get to work. And build your business.

If you’re ready to get an office for your home and you live in Northern Virginia, Washington DC, or Prince George and Montgomery Counties in Maryland, then contact Nova Junk. We can haul everything away at a time that is convenient for you. Call us at 571-432-8162 and we’ll give you our low-cost estimate.

Need a Christmas Gift Idea? How About Getting A Junk Removal Service

With the holidays approaching, people are always looking for unique Christmas gift ideas. One that you might not have thought of, and certainly isn’t trending on

Giving Junk Removal Service as a Gift
Unique Idea for a Christmas Gift

Amazon, is junk removal.

If you’re mother is frantic about the upcoming holidays because of the many house-guests she’s expecting, then clearing out some of the old appliances and broken furniture may free up some needed space.

Or perhaps you just want to help make your parents home less cluttered. Surprise them by having their basement and attic cleared out of junk, giving them room

Maybe your doing a home makeover for a family member and there will be enough work to do painting and remodeling. Clearing out the junk will not only make the job easier it will help to make their home seem roomier.

Another person who might benefit from having junk cleared out of your own home is your spouse. While they’re at work you could have all those items you promised to get rid of for the last few months.

The advantage of having a professional junk removal company assist is that they can do the job quickly and efficiently. You schedule a time that is convenient for you or when the homeowner isn’t around.

More importantly it doesn’t take any work on your part. You simply point to the items you want removed and the haulers will do the heavy lifting. You can go about the home and clear out what you want removed out of each room

Have each room cleared of junk

Also by hiring experienced haulers you don’t have to worry about walls or floors being damaged while the items are carried out.

Now maybe calling a junk removal a potential Christmas Gift is a bit of a stretch. Yet, its something that the recipient will certainly appreciate long after the Christmas lights have been taken down. Often a home is filled with a number of things that don’t work or are no longer used. Items that take up a lot of space. In fact, while getting the Christmas decorations out of the attic you might have seen quite a bit that could be discarded.

Another benefit to getting rid of many items at this time of year is that someone else might benefit from them. Many junk removal companies keep an eye out for items that still have value and donate them to local charities. So, the clothing that no longer fit or the desk that is no longer needed can be put to good use at this time of year.

If you live in Washington DC, Northern Virginia or even parts of Maryland (Prince George and Montgomery Counties) then contact Nova Junk Removal. We can come to the home of the one you’re gifting junk removal to and be in and out before they get home. Call us at 571-432-8162 and we’ll give you our low-cost estimate.

The whole process was seamless. I called on Thursday and they came and got stuff off my driveway on Saturday. They had me take a picture to get an idea of the size load, they quoted me a price, they showed up on time and scooped up stuff and cleaned the location where stuff was. Easy peasy!!
Lynn Vasilopoulos
Lynn Vasilopoulos
00:42 04 Jun 20
I am very happy with the services provided. I think there was a little mix up about the date scheduled. I had thought the woman I spoke with said Thursday but the team came on Monday, it was not an issue for me but I can imagine it might be for someone else. The team was very polite, friendly, and really fast. I did not catch their names but they were awesome (Thanks guys!). I was also surprised at how well they were able to pack everything in the truck. I was expecting to end up with 3/4 of a truck but it was only a half. My husband was quite happy that the bill was lower than we planned. Given that currently we have to social distance the team took great care with that and wore masks. While I hope I don't end up with a garage full of junk again, they will be my first call if I need something hauled away. I think they offer amazing value for the service and the team was awesome. All in all I am happy customer, the price was fair and the junk I needed removed is gone.
M. Thomas
M. Thomas
15:05 03 Jun 20
The folks at Nova Junk were professional and polite. The price was reasonable for the amount of stuff we were having picked up. We really appreciate the fact that Nova Junk will sort items that can be donated and recycled. Thank you!
Karl Goovaerts
Karl Goovaerts
13:44 01 Jun 20
The dispatcher was friendly and booked me quickly, she informed me of everything that would transpire and it did. The guys called saying when they would arrive and they did, they were precise, skilled and professional. The price was the best compared to companies I used before but their customer service will make me use their company again.
Peggy W
Peggy W
15:52 28 May 20
Loved Nova Junk! I reached out to them fairly last minute (a few days before) and hey were so responsive and so flexible with my schedule. They gave about a 30 minute heads up before arrival and were in and out to haul 5 pieces of furniture in about 10-15 minutes. Definitely recommend!
Iris Tiongco
Iris Tiongco
13:07 28 May 20
Excellent company! If you're in need to removing items that no longer serve you, this is the one you want to help with that process. Professional, responsive, quick, kind and all around A+ service. I definitely use their services again.
Karima Mariama-Arthur
Karima Mariama-Arthur
14:11 21 May 20
This is the second time I've used NOVA Junk. They are always professional, precise and punctual. They make life easy and help clean things up in a huge way. The prices are very reasonable as compared to their counterpart. Thanks for working hard for the rest of us!
Monica Mireles
Monica Mireles
13:27 22 Apr 20
I'm really pleased with Nova Junk. They responded very quickly to my online request for a quote. I sent them a few pictures of the rubble that I needed to be cleared from my yard as well as an approximate measure of the volume and they gave me a quote within minutes. Two days later, early on a Saturday, they were there to take all the rubble. They were courteous, punctual, they called me 30 minutes before arriving, and they got the job done quickly and completely.
Hector Conroy
Hector Conroy
22:48 25 Feb 20
They were easy to work with prior to and during the demolition project. Norman was very patient prior to the project as we were obtaining the demo permit and project approval. He provided a reasonable quote and was overall very accommodating. The demo team arrived early and were very communicative in explaining the overall process. They cleaned up all of the debris from the demo and more so that you would never know that a structure had existed there. I would definitely use them again for any future demo work.
Jason Giovannettone
Jason Giovannettone
23:12 21 Feb 20
Excellent company! If you're in need to removing items that no longer serve you, this is the one you want to help with that process. Professional, responsive, quick, kind and all around A+ service. I definitely use their services again.
Karima Mariama-Arthur
Karima Mariama-Arthur
14:02 17 Feb 20
I called pretty much at the last minute and explained to Norm that I had new furniture arriving and needed to dispose of the old. We had a hard time getting the sofa into that room so I wasn't surprised when told it needed to be cut up for removal. They were very professional and polite. I was pleased and will call again when I redo another room.
Elaine Marini
Elaine Marini
16:19 28 Jan 20
They were very easy to schedule and work with. Quick to respond. Quick pickup. Very friendly and accommodating. And reasonable rates. They even said they would donate one of my items that was in really good condition. Will definitely use them again. I used their services to clean out a storage unit and they came straight there and cleared out the unit for me. Professional, quick, easy, friendly service. Thank you!
Tara Mohammed
Tara Mohammed
15:27 24 Jan 20
I have used Nova Junk several times for my home and my in-law's home. What I love the most about this company is that they are will to take your items and determine what can be donated (vs. just taking it to the dump). They removed a very heavy (solid wood) bed and tile from a recent remodeling. They are extremely careful and professional when removing items from your home. I highly recommend them. As a designer, I frequently recommend them to clients who need furniture removal services.
Janet Aurora
Janet Aurora
13:40 24 Jan 20
Excellent service as always! I have used this service at least 3 times!Always good,fast and efficient... A Special Thanks to... EVERYONE! I will be calling again :)
Cas B
Cas B
20:28 09 Jan 20
Recieved a prompt response following my inquiry. Was able to send a crew and truck to my home the very next morning if I wanted it. The crew was courteous, professional and got the job done with no issues. They was able to beat out a competitors quote with no issue. Highly recommend. I will go this direction the next time I need this type service.
Andre K
Andre K
20:35 19 Dec 19
Great experience with NOVA Junk. They were on time, polite, and charged a reasonable amount for clearing out my old dining room table. Plus they recycle at charitable organizations. I highly recommend this company.
Anita Epstein
Anita Epstein
18:21 21 Nov 19
Great experience! In one phone call I was able to get an estimate and schedule a pickup. Their pricing structure is based on how much of a truck you filled up, so you can control the cost. Omar and his team were polite and professional and did a great job!
Heidi Rackoski
Heidi Rackoski
18:08 21 Nov 19
Omar and his crew were timely and professional. I compared other company prices and they were the least expensive. Would recommend.
Chris Porter
Chris Porter
17:40 21 Nov 19
Arrived in time and worked flawlessly. The three most pleasant gentlemen I’ve ever met. Highly recommend.
John Alex
John Alex
21:26 09 Nov 19
Did work as promised, on time, efficiently and at a fair cost (when compared with others locally). The staff was all you could ask for, polite and good, quick workers.
Bill Stine
Bill Stine
19:32 31 Oct 19
Needed to get rid of a 3br rowhouse filled with miscellaneous junk and old furniture after I rented it out as a group house for the past 6 years. Nova junk came by and were able to quickly and efficiently clear out my whole house while carefully leaving behind all the items I had asked them to leave. A great service, and my understanding is they donate and recycle everything they can. All for a very reasonable price. Highly recommended.
Victor Zapanta
Victor Zapanta
22:36 23 Oct 19
Nova Junk gave me a quote ahead of time and scheduled the pick-up in about a week. They arrived within the window given and were very professional and efficient. A great experience!
PS Burger
PS Burger
13:35 27 Sep 19
Great customer service! They responded quickly to my Yelp quote request & to the additional questions I had. They showed up when they said they would, and were quick and professional. I would highly recommend!
Molly Ryan
Molly Ryan
13:44 26 Sep 19
After my couch and armchair donation was declined by the Salvation Army, I had to quickly move them out of my stairwell. Thankfully, Nova Junk was able to fit me into their pickup route the same day. Oscar and Jose were very quick and courteous in moving the bulky items away, and the whole job was completed less than two hours after I made the initial call. I was very impressed with their service.
Jason Lai
Jason Lai
01:54 10 Sep 19
Daniel and team were awesome. Fast, took everything I asked, and reasonably priced. Plan to use them again for my next junk pickup
Rob Kramer
Rob Kramer
22:23 09 Sep 19
Great customer service. They arrived when they said they would, were efficient, polite and professional. The price was fair and it was a good value. I would definitely use this company in the future
Lisa Bowman
Lisa Bowman
21:11 09 Sep 19
I needed the removal of both a queen-sized bed & a 2nd refrigerator to make room for my aging Mother's hospital bed as she comes home for hospice/end-of-life care. The three man crew was quick, friendly, and actually helped get the last portion of the bed frame dismantled. For the price...compared to about $145 MORE quoted by 1-800-SHALL-NOT-BE-NAMED ...it was a smooth job in the middle of a tumultuous day at a reasonable cost. Thank you!
Steve Ray
Steve Ray
20:16 07 Sep 19
I found Nova Junk removal by doing a quick search on Google. I only had a few pieces of furniture to dispose of so, I was looking for a company that had a fair and reasonable quote. I found that with Nova Junk. They gave me a window of time for arrival. Called me 45 mins in advance. They were professional. Quick and pleasant. I will definitely use again.
Ramona Turner
Ramona Turner
20:12 12 Aug 19
I've used Nova Junk twice over the past few months and love them! I literally found them online and took a chance. They are always prompt, nice, quick and very reasonable. I was clearing out my father's estate which was a very stressful time. They were one aspect I never had to worry about!
Margo Kent
Margo Kent
19:20 12 Aug 19
I have used this company twice and each time they have been prompt, courteous and reasonably priced. A shout-out to OMAR who recently lead a team to pick up my projection television, et. al. He even gave me free advice on totally unrelated water drainage issues that I have been having. Thanks again Omar.
Douglas Rennert
Douglas Rennert
13:23 03 Aug 19
I was very impressed with the services of Nova Junk Hauling from initial contact to completion. My inquiry was promptly responded to with a very reasonable quote on a Sunday evening, yet. The young woman I spoke with on the telephone was most pleasant and accommodating. They kindly squeezed me into a busy schedule. The two gentlemen called 30 minutes before their arrival, and arrived 100% on-time. The guys were friendly, fabulous, courteous, well spoken, professional, and very good at their job. They did everything in their power to make the move completely painless for me. They actually charged me less than I was quoted, as the load was not that large (they also accept check or credit card on the spot!) So, from initial appointment through payment, I cannot recommend Nova Junk Hauling highly enough. I have added them to my contact book, and will most happily look forward to using their services again. Thank you, Nova Junk!
Fraudulent Productions
Fraudulent Productions
17:35 25 Jul 19
EXCELLENT experience! The team was very thorough, professional and quick. When we said take everything, they didn't leave anything behind. I highly recommend Nova! I also like that they distribute and donate what isn't actual trash!
Sadona Miller
Sadona Miller
18:28 01 Jul 19
Great service! From the first phone call, to cost estimate, to pickup all in under 2.5hrs. WOW!
John Schatz
John Schatz
16:46 20 Jun 19
Nova Junk is the best of the best! Norman and his crew are trustworthy, professional, understanding, polite and respectful. I was extremely pleased with how they immediately introduced themselves upon arrival, called before arriving, were on time, and verified which items were to be removed. The crew worked closely together as a team and were the most polite group of guys in their inter-actions with me. After the job was done, Norman called to ensure I was satisfied and that there were no issues. A scale of 1 -10, does not go high enough for this extremely professional company!
Karen Preuss
Karen Preuss
14:42 31 May 19
Nova Junk arrived on-time and prepared. They were able to remove my items quicker than expected, including a few items I discovered I needed removed after submitting for my initial quote. Great experience and I would absolutely recommend Nova Junk.
Nicholas Carter
Nicholas Carter
21:13 14 May 19
I am really pleased with my experience with NOVA Junk. I was able to get a quote through Yelp, and their quote was much better than their competitors. Scheduling was a breeze. Three men showed up, and all I had to do was point to the items I wanted removed and they did all the hard work. They worked quickly and took care to not damage the walls or floors while they worked. I was given a final quote once everything was in the truck and it turned out to be less than I was initially quoted, so that was the cherry on the top of a great experience! I will definitely use NOVA Junk again in the future if we ever need furniture removed.
Alessia Eiseman
Alessia Eiseman
15:51 17 Apr 19
NOVA Junk Removal came to the rescue after College Hunks failed me. They were able to come out to me in Laurel, MD just a few hours after my request. They were very fast and professional. I highly recommend this service.
Nikki S
Nikki S
19:30 30 Mar 19
The crew came to my house within 48 hours of my phone call to remove junks and old storage shed. The price is very reasonable and their service is great. The staff is courteous and very professional. Great job!
Irene Larinke
Irene Larinke
21:46 29 Mar 19
Nova Junk provide excellent service, hauling away a condo full of furniture that I needed to get rid of. I really like the way they do business -- recycling whatever they can, paying workers comp, etc. I thought their price was quite competitive and fair. Omar is a true professional, and he and his team (Rolland, Basharty, etc.) were on time, worked quickly but carefully, and just did a great job. I am happy to tell others about them.
John Mercer
John Mercer
18:43 20 Mar 19
I found NOVA Junk on Yelp and spoke with the owner, Norman, to set up some time for his team to come get some old furniture and misc junk I wanted removed. Miguel & Omar showed up on the earlier part of the window which was given to me and were in and out in less than 30 minutes. They were very respectful of my home and checked in with me before and after to make sure everything was done how I needed it. I would definitely recommend them!
Diti Bhasin
Diti Bhasin
14:01 04 Mar 19
Service was good overall. Nova Junk removal service was on time, quick, and professional. The reason it is not 5 out of 5 stars is that the website states that they “professionally dispose of all types of waste.” However, I needed to have some old unused paint hauled away and was told by the crew when they arrived that they couldn’t accept it.
Theodious McKinnon
Theodious McKinnon
17:12 25 Feb 19
Nova Junk is amazing! Scheduling was so easy with Norman and they made my moving day seamless with Steven and Pablo picking up my furniture. They were efficient, polite, and courteous. I would highly recommend using them!
Maria Jose Araya
Maria Jose Araya
15:18 25 Feb 19
The company responded to our request promptly and scheduled a pickup in a very short time. The pickup crew came and the three young people are all very friendly and finished the job in a short time and cleaned up the spot we piled up the junky items we had even though we told them we could do it by ourselves. These are very professional people and trust worth. We will definitely use this company again in the future.
Freda Chao
Freda Chao
14:21 04 Feb 19
Excellent service, showed up early and called in advance. Not only cleared out junk efficiently, 2 men moved furniture from my basement to my first floor without doing any damage to my home or furniture. They worked as a team and WAs reliable. I will definitely hire Nova Junk Removal in the future.
Dezi Kolani
Dezi Kolani
17:11 28 Jan 19
I asked for several estimates to get rid of some furniture in my home. Nova junk was almost the lowest price, but with the highest recommendations from reviewers. I must add my vote to this high score. The crew came on time, called before coming to alert me of their arrival time, were polite and careful in everything that they did. I will definitely use them in the future!
Jim Blackie
Jim Blackie
19:19 18 Jan 19
We required an old 1950's era shed and junked-interior cleared from our property. Norm was quick to respond to our inquiry and offered a fair quote. Him and his crew showed up right on time and cleared everything in under 2 hours. They left the work area clear of debris and called after to confirm the work was completed and back gate closed. I would recommend Nova Junk and certainly use their services again.
Cody Clarke
Cody Clarke
17:03 18 Dec 18
The guys were so friendly and patient when I was running a little late. Also very efficient with removing my items. I’d highly recommend them!
Amy Olson
Amy Olson
13:20 14 Dec 18
I work for EFH Contracting, we do home remodeling, renovations, etc. and we use Nova Junk on every job. They are well priced and the workers are great. They are always on time, very friendly, get the job done right, and leave the site clean. We will continue to use them
Janell Herring
Janell Herring
19:29 05 Nov 18
Great work demolishing my old shed and hauling off the debris. They even showed up in the rain.
Trevor Lowing
Trevor Lowing
21:24 24 Jul 18