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coronavirus Update:

How We’re Protecting Our Customers

With a lot of time on your hands or even if you’re working out of your home, you might be finding it a little cramped.  One of the things you might be doing is spring cleaning.

As you go about getting rid of items you might be concerned about how to get rid of it. You’ve reached our site, but worry about having someone come to pick it up.

We’re still working and we’re still getting junk from homes and businesses. But we’re doing things to keep our workers and our customers safe.

After each job our workers dispose of their gloves immediately. They sanitize their hands constantly.

At the end of each day we thoroughly clean each truck.


Our goal is to keep both our customers, and our workers safe.

In addition we have options for our customers who don’t want to come into contact with other people.

  • You can place all your junk in one room or area and let us take it from there.
  • You could set items outside or in your garage and we could haul it from there.
  • You can pay your bill over the phone so you don’t have to pay us in person or deal with our staff directly.

We’ll let you know what time we’ll be approximately arriving so you can be prepared for our visit. You can also give us any special instructions you might have.

In addition we have a Dumpster Rental company if you prefer to do the work yourself.  We have a variety of dumpster sizes to choose from and they don’t have lids, so you literally don’t have to touch them. Simply toss items in. We’ll drop it off where you request and then haul it away when you’re done.

If you have any questions about our services, feel free to call us at (877) 211-6682 and ask questions. Now might be an ideal time to clear out the clutter from your home and we try to make sure you can have it hauled away without having to come into contact with anyone.

Precautions we're taking due to COVID-19