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Junk removal Aldie, Virginia

Nova Junk offers junk hauling services to homes and businesses in Aldie, Virginia. We take away the clutter, the debris, or the items that you need to be removed.

We are your solution when you have too much for the city services to pick up or items they won’t take. Nova Junk can handle single items or a warehouse full of junk.

If you’re walking around your home or business and tired of seeing clutter that’s been accumulating for some time, then its time to do something about it.

Or maybe you’re concerned about the junk you don’t yet have. You’re about to undertake a remodeling project and worry what to do about all the debris you’ll have from tearing out drywall, pulling up carpeting or ripping out countertops.

You might have thought about scheduling a special pickup with the Aldie services, but that would mean bringing it all out to the curb the night before and having it ready for pickup. That’s not something you look forward to doing after a long workday.

It’s equally distressing thinking about simply hauling it to the Loudon County landfill. Even if you have a vehicle you can safely use for junk, you don’t like the idea of spending a half a day or more loading everything up, waiting in line at the landfill and then dumping it out. Then cleaning up the vehicle after.

Our junk removal company donates any reusable items to local charities

Maybe the problem isn’t what to do with the junk, but simply hauling it out from where it’s at. It could be oversized items such as a sofa or mattress that will be hard to lift. Or the clutter is buried in the corner of your attic, where you’ll have to pull It out from. You worry that you could injure yourself or damage your property.

The simple answer to all of your problems is to call Nova Junk.

Why Use The Services of Nova Junk

Once you decide you want to have a professional remove your junk you now have to decide who to hire. Now that you’ve visited our site, you can stop your searching.

We’re a locally owned junk removal company with a 5-star reputation. Most likely when you started Googling junk removal services for Aldi you came across our name with a lot of 5 stars attached to it. Our customers have taken the time to thank us for our work by leaving testimonials about our low prices, our on-time service, and our courteous employees.

The nice thing about using our services is that most of your work is done the moment you make the call to hire us. We arrive at the time you schedule us and then all you do is open the door to let us in. You don’t have to prepare for anything in advance. Just take us to where the clutter or junk is and we’ll take it from there.

We are licensed and fully insured. And we have the staffing and the trucks to take care of any job.

Whatever you need to be hauled (old furniture, appliances, flooring, electronics, yard waste, anything) trust that we will leave nothing behind. Expect your home or business to be clean (and more spacious) when we’re gone.

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When Homeowners Have Large Projects

Junk removal isn’t just about when you have junk lying around the house. It’s also for when you have much bigger projects.

Nova Junk can help with estate cleanouts or when you’re trying to clean up after a hoarder.

Remodeling and landscaping often result in a lot of debris. Maybe you’re breaking up a sidewalk or tearing down a wall. We can remove the concrete and bricks.

In addition to cleaning up after one of your projects, we can also take care of those problems you didn’t know how to tackle. We can haul away hot tub or tear down sheds or removal old fencing. The old swing set that lies rusted and unused in the backyard will be a thing of the past with us. We can even take care of the old basketball hoop.

The Solutions for Contractors, Realtors, and Business Owners

There are already a number of businesses in and around Aldie that rely on us when they have junk to be hauled.

Landlords and Realtors contact us when they have a new listing, they need to be cleaned up quickly.

Contractors and remodelers call us when they have construction debris that needs to be removed from a work site.

We Take a Green Approach To Junk Removal

For all the junk we haul each day, we don’t just drive to the nearest landfill and dump it out.  We don’t want to add to the growing problem of what to do with all this waste.

Our first act with any junk we pick up is to see if there is anything that still might have some use. These items we drop off at one of the many local charities we work with.

We then look for anything that can be recycled.

Only after we’ve combed through everything do we go to the landfill.

No matter what you need hauled, we can most likely help. If you’re looking do the work yourself, we also have a dumpster rental division if you want to get rid of the debris yourself or need to do it over time.

Contact Nova Junk today to talk to us about what you need hauled. Call us at 877-211-6682 or fill out our convenient form and we’ll discuss your problem and provide your low-cost estimate.