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Junk Removal Ashburn, VA

Nova Junk Removal provides trash hauling services in Ashburn, Virginia. We’ll ensure you have more space in your home, business, or apartment by removing your junk fast and efficiently. Whether it’s a single item or a warehouse full of unwanted items, we can assist.

Ashburn junk removal service

Junk removal service in Ashburn, Virginia

We have all of the equipment, trucks, and experience needed to remove your junk responsibly, safely and quickly.

If you’ve lived in a place for a while or resided in the same business location for a time, then over the years junk has accumulated. It might be getting to the point its become a hazard to walk in a space or maybe you’re just doing some spring cleaning.

Whatever the case, there are times when you can’t just toss all your junk into your garbage can for the city to pick up. You can schedule a special pickup, but everything you want to get rid of must meet their requirements. And be hauled to the curb.


You also have to pay for each individual item you set out and the prices vary greatly depending on what it is. It might not be long before your bill starts to add up as well as the time needed to bag or tag it.

They also set limits on what you can set out. If you’re remodeling or cleaning up after a storm, curbside pickup is not an option.

Taking it to the landfill is Leesburg is another way to take care of the problem, provided you have a vehicle you can use and the time to do it. The landfill closes at 4 so doing it Saturday might be your best option. Is that really how you want to spend your day off.

For over a decade homes and businesses in Ashburn have relied on Nova Junk as the easiest solution to their junk problem.

A Professional Junk Removal Company That Takes a Green Approach

Junk removal is what we do and if you’re looking for a company that is affordable, as well as licensed and insured, then contact us. Google our name and you’ll see 5-star reviews from satisfied customers throughout the area.

There is no work required of you other than to open the door when we arrive. We’ll do all the lifting. All you need to do is show us where the junk is, and we’ll haul it out. We can take mattresses, old sofa, or a broken hot tub. We can tear down a dilapidated shed or tear down fencing.

And we’ll clean up after the work is done.

Nova Junk Removal doesn’t just dispose of your waste. We try to donate or recycle as many items as we can to remove useful junk from piling up in local landfills.

Many local charities have benefited from the items that were destined for the landfill, but which we knew still had some value to someone.

Our goal is to take as little as we can to the landfill, so we aren’t adding to the environmental problem caused by waste.


How We Benefit Ashburn Area Businesses

For a business the removal of junk can be just as big a problem and have additional headaches. That pile of clutter makes it more difficult for workers to get things done efficiently. And if you’re a contractor you have few options to get rid of construction debris. The city isn’t interested in picking it up.

We can take care of any sized project quickly and efficiently so neither your employees or your customers are inconvenienced.

Many landlords and Realtors call us when they want to clear out a property quickly. The sooner the junk is gone, the faster they can list the property. When they call us they can be confident that their listing can go up for sale.

Nova Junk offers the guaranteed lowest rates for junk removal in Ashburn and communities throughout northern Virginia. We also have a dumpster rental division if you prefer to do most of the work yourself. We offer several sizes and our hook and haul system is designed to protect your property from damage and allow us into smaller spaces.

Contact us now if you need junk or debris hauled away and we’ll provide you an affordable quote and set a pickup time. Call us at 877-211-6682 or fill out our convenient form.

What We Take

  • Office and Home Furniture
  • Kitchen Appliances (Stoves and Refrigerators)
  • Washers and Dryers
  • Old Tires
  • Carpeting
  • Trash
  • Retail Store Fixtures
  • Concrete
  • Sheds and Swing Sets
  • Drywall
  • Hot Tubs
  • Mattresses
  • Computer Monitors and TVs
  • Landscaping Materials
  • Woodburning Stoves/Grills
  • Scrap Lumber