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Junk Removal Burke, VA

Nova Junk removal helps homes and businesses in Burke, Virginia get rid of bulk trash, busted appliances, broken down hot tubs, and construction debris. In other words, anything they want to go.

Our services can help you clean out an office, clear out an estate, or remove the debris left over from a storm. Or just need a couple items hauled away.

There are times when the clutter becomes too much and simply tossing it in a garbage can for the city to pick up isn’t an option.

You can schedule a special pickup for the city of Burke to take, but that means you have to have everything ready for them. Everything must be out on the curb and often bagged and sometimes tagged. And for some items such as appliances, you have to call in advance to arrange a pickup.

Unfortunately, there are many items that can’t be taken. Construction debris such as bricks, drywall, and concrete can’t be set out.

There is a landfill nearby, so this is also an option. Problem is, do you have truck or vehicle you can toss junk into and do you have the time to load it, haul it to the landfill, and then unload. Once your there you might find you have to separate some items out.

There is also the physical labor of doing it yourself. Some items might be in an attic, some in the garage, and still more clutter in the basement. You have to haul it all out. And things like an old refrigerator, old vanity or an out of date sofa might require a few people to get out. Remember how hard it was moving some of those things in.

With Nova Junk, there is no need to bag up items and no need to even move it. You call us and we take care of everything.

We provide junk removal services to Burke, Virginia

A Junk Removal Company Known For Affordable Rates and Quality Service

For over a decade Nova Junk has been helping homeowners out by hauling away their junk, whether its an old appliance or a room full of junk. We’ve helped them clear out their property of broken-down sheds, hot tubs, fencing.

We also take care of many of the items you can’t put out on the curb. If you’re remodeling a room, we’ll haul everything away so your home isn’t a disaster area and you can focus on the actual work.

The reason so many Burke residents contact us is that they appreciate our affordable rates and know they won’t get any surprises on their bill. They also expect us to arrive at the time they scheduled and not a few hours later.

Search for our name and you’ll find testimonials and 5-star ratings from hundreds of satisfied customers. We are licensed and insured. We’re professionals, not someone on Craigslist doing this as a side job. Who might not properly dispose of your items.

The Benefits of Junk Removal for Your Business

It’s not just consumers who appreciate our work. It’s the many businesses in the area. Offices that have old equipment that they need to be removed, contractors who have construction debris to be hauled and businesses just tired of the clutter call us.

Landlords and Realtors have come to rely on us when they are about to list a property. We can clear out the junk from a previous tenant or help a homeowner clear out junk to make it more presentable.

We Believe in Being Green

For all the junk we pick up, we do what we can not to add to the problem of waste management. Before we go to one of the local landfills, we first look for any items that still might have some use. We make regular trips to various charities to drop off items that have been discarded, but still, have value for someone.

What can’t be reused can often be recycled. From metal to paper products we look for anything that can be recycled. By the time we pull up to the landfill, we’ve already eliminated much of your waste.

Maybe you’re thinking a dumpster might be a better option for your problem. If that is the case, we have a dumpster rental company that serves homes and businesses in Burke.

Contact Nova Junk today to schedule a pickup that is convenient for you. Call us at 877-211-6682 or fill out our convenient contact form and we’ll provide your low-cost estimate.