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Junk Removal Dulles, VA

Nova Junk provides junk removal services to businesses and residences in Dulles, Virginia. We are a locally owned and operated business that can come directly to your location to haul away whatever you need to be removed.

We offer full-service junk removal for homes, apartments, rental homes, factories, construction sites, retail outlets and more.


No job is too small or too big. We can pick up a mattress or a broken appliance. But we have the trucks and staff to clear out a warehouse, if necessary.

Getting rid of junk on your own can be a headache sometimes. You have too much for the city services to pick up, but you don’t have the time or maybe the right vehicle to take it to the landfill yourself. And if you’re a business person doing it yourself or having an employee take care of it, might not be an option.

For those involved in home renovations or construction projects, having the city pick it up isn’t even an option. They don’t take construction debris.

The solution is to bring in professionals to take care of everything.

junk removal dulles va

Junk removal services in Dulles, Virginia. We do the work.

5-Star Rated Northern Virginia Junk Removal Company

We are a locally owned junk removal company that services all of Northern Virginia, and Washington DC.

We’re one of the biggest junk removal companies in the area and we’ve grown because of the quality of service we provide.

Our customers have consistently left 5-star reviews for us on sites such as Google, Angie’s List, and Yelp. They regularly call us whenever they have more junk to be removed. It might be to pick up a single item or it could be to help them clear out a property.

Both homeowners and business people rely on us.

They appreciate the fact that we show up at a time convenient for them and do all the work ourselves. That means when we arrive to help you, all that you need to do is to point out what needs to be hauled. You don’t have to set it out in advance. So no heavy lifting or getting your hands dirty.

We are fully licensed and insured and we offer the lowest rates in the area.

Nova Junk can also take care of those problems you never knew what to do about. That broken down shed or that busted hot tub out back filled with rainwater and insects. We can take of old fencing, a broken swing set or even a pool table that has seen better days. Not only will we tear down items if necessary, but we’ll clean up afterward.

From Factories to Construction Sites to Rental Properties

We serve many businesses in the Dulles area and we can do the same for you, no matter what line of work you’re in.

For Realtors and landlords, we can help clear out clutter from a property that they want to list. The sooner the property can be listed the faster it can be making money. So we can clear a property in a short period of time.

Contractors and remodelers rely on us to keep their work sites clear of debris. It means fewer obstacles for employees and less risk of injuries or large messes.

Factory managers and office managers can expect us to haul away old equipment or broken furniture or just all the junk that has accumulated over time and which takes up valuable space.

Restaurateurs and retailers know we’ll take care of their problems quickly so as not to inconvenience customers or employees.

A Green Approach to Junk Removal

When you have a lot of junk to get rid of you wonder if just having it hauled to the landfill is the right thing. After all, some of the items might still have some use for someone. Or could be recycled.

Don’t worry. We go through all the junk we collect and look for anything we can salvage for use. We work with a number of charities in Northern Virginia and Washington DC taking the items we’ve saved from the landfill.

We also look for anything that can be recycled. Often, we find things most people don’t even realize can be recycled.

Our stated goal in removing junk is to only take the bare minimum to the landfill. We don’t want to add any more than necessary to the growing problem of what do to with all the waste.

If you’re looking do much of the work yourself, we also have a dumpster rental division to get rid of the debris. We have a variety of sized dumpsters for rent, so even if space is a premium we might be able to accommodate your needs.

Contact Nova Junk today to talk to us about what you need to be hauled. Call us at 877-211-6682 or fill out our convenient form and we’ll discuss your problem and provide your low-cost estimate.