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Junk Removal Fairfax Station, VA

Nova Junk provides junk removal services to homes and businesses in Fairfax Station, Virginia Since 2006, our team has been providing services to residential and commercial customers alike for jobs of all sizes. You call us and we’ll come to pick up your junk—it’s as easy as that.

If you have more junk than you can set out on the curb for pickup you’ve probably been looking into your options.  Your first thought might be to see if you can schedule a special pickup and that might work. Provided you don’t have too much junk and you meet all their requirements.

Junk removal Fairfax Station

Maybe your doing a DIY project such as remodeling your kitchen and have all kinds of construction debris to get rid of. Or maybe you’re doing landscaping. Either way, some of this debris can’t be left out for pickup.

You could also take care of the job yourself. Hauling everything outside to toss in some pickup truck or trailer. Just make sure everything is bundled up and that you don’t leave a trail of debris along the highway as you drive. Or that you damage the vehicle in the process.

If you don’t have access to a truck or trailer than doing it yourself really isn’t an option. After all, you can’t load a car or SUV with that much junk.

The best option for you is to call Nova Junk. We can often be there in a day or two or sometimes even that day.

Why Use Nova Junk

We are a locally owned company that prides itself on the reputation we’ve developed over the years. Simply search our name online and you’ll find our name associated with 5-star ratings on Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List.

We are licensed and insured.

We can take on projects both large and small. From clearing out an estate to hauling away an old appliance.

We can also take of those problems you weren’t sure how to take care of. Fairfax Station is known for its beautiful homes, but your lawn is marred by an old swing set or a broken hot tub. We can clear those out and leave no mess behind.

Over the years we’ve picked up all sorts of items, from pianos to pool tables to picnic tables.

For homeowners we can help clean up after a storm or get rid of the clutter that has made a basement or attic difficult to navigate.

And with us you don’t have to get the junk ready for pickup. You simply walk about the house and point out what needs to be removed and we’ll do it. Nothing could be more convenient. And we work around your schedule. You pick the time and that’s when we show up.

The Benefits for Fairfax Station Business Owners and Managers

It’s not just consumers who rely on us for their junk removal needs. So do many area businesses. Shop owners who need a back room cleared out or a restaurant with broken furniture or office workers who need out of date equipment removed.

For local Realtors and landlords, we help get their property listed as quickly as possible. We can clear out of an apartment what the previous tenant left behind. We can help a homeowner clear the junk out of their home so their home will have more appeal for buyers.

Eco-Friendly Junk Removal

Once picked up and hauled away by our efficient crew we’ll dispose of your junk in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. We first look for any items that could still be used by someone. These we take one of the local charities we regularly work with.

We then look for any materials that can be recycled. Our goal is that we take the bare minimum of waste to the Fairfax County Landfill.

Maybe you have an ongoing project or want to get rid of the junk yourself. Then maybe a dumpster would be a better option. We have a dumpster rental company that offers a variety of sizes. And we use a unique hook and haul system that allows us to place a dumpster even in tight quarters without any property being damaged in the process.

Don’t wait any longer for that trash that has become an inconvenience or an eyesore. Call Nova Junk today to schedule a pick up that is convenient for you. Call us at 877-211-6682 or fill out our convenient form and we’ll discuss your problem and provide your low-cost estimate.