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Junk Removal Falls Church, Virginia

Nova Junk provides junk hauling services to homes and businesses in and around Falls Church, Virginia.  We’ve served this historic community for over a decade helping them clear clutter or by hauling away large appliances.

Maybe your involved in a remodeling project or simply doing some spring cleaning. Perhaps you’re planning to move or need to clean out a family estate. Whatever the task you’re left with more junk than the city will take at curbside pickup.

You could schedule a special pickup or simply buy a bunch of tags and bag everything up. What to do, however, if you have items the city won’t take such as construction debris or oversized furniture. Or maybe you don’t feel like hauling everything from the attic all the way to the curb. Especially when you must make a number of trips.

Equally hard to do is to take trash on your own to Fairfax County Transfer Station. It’s more than an hour round trip just to get there. Then you have to factor in the time to haul everything outside, toss it in your vehicle, and then later unload it. By the time you’re done, you’ve wasted an entire afternoon. All of this is dependent on your having a truck or trailer to haul it in.

We are the perfect solution for when you have more junk than the city will take. We save you time and labor while offering fees that are surprisingly affordable.

Why You Should Call Nova Junk First

When you call Nova Junk, you can rest assured that your problems are solved. In fact, other than making the call, the only work you’ll have to do is to point out what you want to be removed. We’ll take it from your attic, your basement or wherever you have clutter.

No problem is too large or small. We can get rid of that old vacuum or that old sofa bed. We can clear out all the clutter that has accumulated over the years because you didn’t know what to do with. We can help clear out a home you’re looking to sell or remove storm debris from your yard.

We can also take care of those things that once were used, but now lie abandoned such as an old swing set or a hot tub that has become home to insects and small animals. We can tear down a shed or haul away broken fencing.

Landscaping and remodeling become all that much easier as we clear everything out so you can get to work on a new look.

We also make sure that we don’t cost you a lot of time. We show up when scheduled and if the project is large we have the trucks and staff to take care of ever large loads quickly.

You also don’t have to spend a lot of time deciding on which junk removal company to hire. Simply search for our name and you’ll see 5-star reviews all over the place. And you’ll find our fees are more affordable than our competitors.

We are licensed and insured.

Ideal Solutions For Business Owners and Managers

If you own a shop in Falls Church or have an office, you want clutter removed right away so that your employees or customers aren’t inconvenienced. We’ll get in and out without disrupting your business.

For contractors, we can take care of construction debris. And for landlords and Realtors, we help clear out a property quickly so that you can get your listing up as fast as you can.

Eco-Friendly Approach to Garbage Collection

We don’t just take our trucks to the nearest landfill and pile on to the mounting problem with waste management. We sort through your items first.

We look for any items that still might have a use for someone and drop them off at one of the many local charities we work with. We then look for anything that can be recycled and separate that out. When we do go to the landfill, we only drop off the bare minimum.

Maybe you’re in need of a dumpster for your home or business. We have a dumpster rental division that uses a unique hook and haul system that is more risk-free than typical roll off dumpsters. We can carefully deposit a dumpster even in small areas without risk of damaging your property.

Contact Nova Junk today to schedule a pickup that is convenient for you. Call us at 877-211-6682 or fill out our convenient form and we’ll discuss your problem and provide your low-cost estimate.