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Junk Removal – Prince George County

Nova Junk offers fast and reliable junk removal and bulk trash pickup for homes and businesses throughout Prince George County, Maryland. We remove and dispose of all of your old furniture, appliances, yard waste, construction debris and anything else you have with our affordable prices. We work with homeowners, property owners, real estate agents, and construction companies. Our professional staff and equipment promptly arrives at your home, commercial property, or work site and efficiently hauls away your junk. We recycle or donate your usable items safely and efficiently, which helps keep excess trash out of landfills. Nova Junk offers the guaranteed lowest rates for junk removal services in Prince George County. Whatever trash, debris, or unwanted items you need hauled away, contact us today to have taken care of.

What We Take

  • Kitchen Appliances (Stoves and Refrigerators)

  • Electronics

  • Tires

  • Office Furniture

  • Garbage

  • Water Heaters

  • Sofa/Mattresses

  • Exercise Equipment

  • Renovation Debris

  • Concrete/Bricks

  • Pianos

  • Monitors and Televisions

  • Yard Debris

  • Wood-Burning Stoves

  • Scrap Lumber