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Junk Removal Dunn Loring, VA

Nova Junk provides junk removal services to homes, businesses, and work sites in Dunn Loring, Virginia. We can haul away a few items or help clear out a warehouse or an estate.

You often have things that break down or that you no longer use. It’s been easy

over the years to tuck them away in the basement or in an attic instead of disposing of them. Now those items have started to accumulate, and you wonder what to do about them all.

You could schedule a pickup from the city, but then you must haul everything thing out the night before. After a long day at work do you want to start hauling things from the attic to the curb?

Taking the items to the landfill is an option provided you have the right vehicle. Even if you do, do you want to make the 40-minute journey to the landfill just to wait in line to unload everything yourself.

Why not have professionals do it. We’ll do all the work and in a fraction of the time it would have taken you.

 Junk removal Dunn Loring, Virginia

Serving Dunn Loring & Northern Virginia For Over a Decade

Since 2006 Nova Junk has been helping residents and businesses in Northern Virginia with their junk hauling needs.

The customers we’ve helped have repaid us by leaving 5-star reviews of our business through the internet. Go to Google, Yelp, Angie’s List or Facebook and you’ll find glowing testimonials.

Our customers certainly appreciate the low prices we charged them, but that is only part of the story. They were also grateful that we showed up at the time they requested and did the work quickly and efficiently. And that our workers were courteous and friendly as they went about the job.

The main thing they value, however, is the lack of work on their part. They didn’t have to lug everything down from the attic or carry heavy items up from the basement. The only thing they did was to open their door and point out what needed to be taken.

Now they call us back whenever they have something else to get rid of whether it’s a room full of clutter or a single item such as a mattress.

If you want the work done affordably and efficiently, then call us.

We are licensed and fully insured.

We Do the Jobs You Don’t Know Who To Turn to For Help

Often it’s not just some junk that you need to get rid of. It’s items you never knew what to do about.

The old shed out back that is falling in on itself, or the fence that is half missing. We can come and clear them out. What about the old hot tub that stopped working years ago? Or the abandoned swing set that lies rusted and unused. We can get rid of them, as well.

Are you do a home remodeling project? You already know the city won’t pick up construction debris. We can clear out the broken drywall, the busted-up cabinets, and even the kitchen sink so you can get on with the remodeling.

We can also remove brick, concrete, and dirt.

Our services are perfect if you’re downsizing your home or your parents’ home. There is enough to do with the transition, but what to do about everything you won’t be taking. Call us and we’ll clear it out and you’ll have an idea of how much you have left to take. And if you need to eliminate more items.

Maybe a family member has passed away and you’re left with taking care of the estate. You have enough to take care of without having to clear out the clutter that family members don’t want or that can’t be given away.

We’re also experienced in dealing with hoarders.

The Answer for Contractors, Realtors and Business Owners

A worksite is already a dangerous place. Why add to the problem, by having debris piled up all around for workers to navigate around? We can come and clear it out so your project can keep on schedule.

If you’re a Realtor or a landlord, you know one of the problems with new listings is clearing them out of junk or items the homeowners won’t be taking to the next home. Our workers can come and clear out the property quickly so you can list it all that much sooner.

No matter what type of business you own or manage, clutter can always be a problem. Whether its an office or a factory we’re here to help.

We Take A Green Approach To Junk Removal

As your deciding what to get rid of you might be wondering if some of the items could go to a local charity. Or maybe be recycled. Don’t worry.

When we pick up a load, we don’t just rush to the landfill to dump it out. We go through it to look for any items that might be salvaged. We work with a lot of local charities and know which items might still have some benefit for the people they serve.

We also know what can be recycled, including many materials you might not have known could be recycled.

Our goal is to only take the bare minimum to the landfill. To do what we can to avoid adding to the mountain of waste that must be dealt with.

Contact Nova Junk today. If you think you might be better off with a dumpster we can also help, as we have a dumpster rental division. No matter what call us at 877-211-6682 and we’ll discuss with you how we can take care of your junk problem.