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Junk Removal Gainesville, VA

Nova Junk helps homes and businesses in Gainesville, Virginia with the removal of their junk, from single items to truckloads of construction debris.

We help you out when you have more than the city will take or items they won’t pick up.

You could take care of the work yourself. Just load the family SUV up with as much trash as it will hold. Then make the 30-minute journey to the Prince William County landfill. Hopefully the line won’t be too bad.  No matter what it all sounds an unfortunate way to spend your afternoon.

In the end, though, getting rid of junk can be time consuming and depending on where things are and how heavy they are, back-breaking. Why go through all the hassle when there is a simple solution.

Call Nova Junk and we’ll take care of everything.

Once you contact our office, the only task you’ll have left to do it is to let us in and point out what needs to be taken.

In fact, knowing your going to have professionals coming you might want to decide you have more items to go. Look about your home or business and see what else can go. It’s a great way to make space and cross things off your to-do list.

Why Nova Junk Should Be Your First Call

You’ve found our website and now you’ve found the solution to your problem. We’re the only company you’ll need to contact.

First of all, if you searched on Google, Yelp, Angie’s List or any other directory, you probably noticed all the 5-star ratings associated with our name. We’re proud of the fact that so many of our clients weren’t just satisfied with our service. They were ecstatic. So much so that they took the time to leave a review of our business.

The reason most people first contact us is because of our low pricing. We offer upfront hauling pricing that’s lower than the competition. Our pricing stays lower, too – no surprise increases or hidden fees that show up later on your bill.

Yet, pricing isn’t everything. If the company you call then makes you wait on them to arrive, your savings doesn’t seem that great after a while. We make sure we show up at the time you requested. Then take care of the job in a timely manner so you’re not inconvenienced.

If you’re a business owner or manager, then the need for the junk to be removed quickly and efficiently is even more crucial. You don’t want your employees or customers inconvenienced by junk. Or commenting in a later review how messy the business was.

We help factories, retail stores, and offices, clear out any clutter they might have. It might be out of date computers, broken office furniture, or unsold inventory.

For construction companies or remodelers, we can clear out construction debris, so that can keep to their schedule and get the work done on time.

Realtors and landlords often have listings they need to clear out before they can list them. Items left behind by old tenants or items current homeowners won’t be taking with them. Once we’re done the property looks ready to move in.

Don’t Let Your Home Get Taken Over by the Clutter

Over the years its’ easy to simply set old furniture aside. To box up broken toys the kids have long outgrown. Or put broken appliances in a corner. Over time, and without realizing it, now your basement or attic, or both are hard to get around in.

We can also assist when you’re doing some home remodeling on your own. Instead of just leaving al the carpeting, drywall, or countertops piled up in a room to be dealt with later, call us. We’ll clear it out so you can focus on your project and not worrying what kind of mess you’ll be left with when done.

Does your yard look bad because of a broken down shed or fencing that is falling down? We can break them down and clear them out. Same for the rusted swing set or the broken-down hot tub.  And yes we can take the yard waste too.

We Really Are An Eco-Friendly Junk Removal Company

Many companies boast that they are an eco-friendly junk removal company, but we like to think we take it to a whole new level.  We go in and out of landfills on a daily basis and see ourselves the growing problem of waste.

Long before we go to the landfill, we first go through the debris we’ve picked up.

Our first step is to look out for anything that might still have some use for someone. We work with a variety of charities in the area and supply them with anything the people they serve might benefit from.

We then pull out anything that can be recycled. This helps to eliminate a lot of the materials we have. In the end only take some of your junk to the landfill.

Contact Nova Junk today to discuss with us what you have and when its convenient for you for us to stop by. Call us at 877-211-6682 and we’ll take care of all your problems.