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Junk Removal Services National Harbor Maryland

Nova Junk provides junk removal services to homes and businesses in National Harbor, Maryland. We also serve the Washington DC area

When you have more junk then you can safely put out for the city to pick up, it can be a dilemma on what to do.

You could schedule an extra pick up with city services, but that means hauling everything out the night before.

A drive to the Prince George County landfill is a 90 minute round trip and that doesn’t take into consideration the time waiting in line. Or unloading a vehicle that wasn’t designed for trash.

So now you’re looking online for help and wondering who to call. Are all the companies the same or how should you decide?

Choosing the Right Junk Removal Company

The first thing to learn is the price a company will charge to haul away your junk. Luckily for you, Nova Junk is one of the cheapest companies in the area. We believe in fair pricing and not overcharging for our work.

Yet, pricing means nothing if the service is slow or the work could result in damage to your property. So do what you do when you look for most service providers and check out their reviews.

You only have to Google our name and you’ll find literally hundreds of reviews for our business on nearly every third-party site. You only have to read a few reviews to find a common theme about our work. That we’re affordable, courteous, and get the job done quickly.

We’ve been doing this since 2006 and are now one of the largest companies in the area.

We have the trucks and manpower to take on any sized project. But even help if it’s a single item.

We are a full-service junk company, meaning we can do more than just haul away your trash or clutter. We can tear down a shed or dismantle a broken hot tub to haul it away. We can clear out fencing or remove a swing set.

Full service means we also do all the work. When you call us and schedule an appointment, you don’t have to get items ready the night before. You just point out what needs to be removed and we’ll take it from there. It doesn’t matter if it’s in an attic, a basement, a warehouse, or even a storage locker.

We can also take away construction debris, something the city won’t even do.

And we’re fully licensed and insured.

How National Harbor Businesses and Residents Benefit From Our Work

We can often help when a job seems overwhelming such as when you have debris from a home renovation project. Or when you have to clear out a family estate.

Nova Junk can help remove any storm debris you might have or help clear out your home as you prepare to sell it.

Realtors and landlords often call us when they have a new listing. To help clear out quickly the junk from the previous tenant or current homeowner so they can quickly get a property on the market.

For any type of business owner or manager getting rid of junk whether it’s old inventory, broken office furniture, or damaged factory equipment.

Contractors and professional remodelers call us when they have a project to keep their work site clear of debris. Debris which can get in the way of workers or even be a hazard.

Yet, it doesn’t have to be some big project for you to call us. You might have an old mattress to haul away or an old sofa. Don’t think you have to have a large pile of junk for you to call us.

But when you do call us, you might realize this is the time to get rid of that clutter that has accumulated in the attic, garage or basement.

Nova Junk is a Green Junk Removal Company

One wouldn’t think of a junk company as being environmentally friendly, but we like to think we are. We’re as bothered by the mass of junk in the area landfills as you are. And we see them on a daily basis.

To help cut down on the environmental impact of our business, we look for any items that are recyclable. We can often spot materials that the average person didn’t even realize was recyclable.

There is also another great benefit to our sorting through the junk we remove. It’s that we often find items that still have some use for someone. These items we then take away to one of a number of local charities we work with. Many residents in the area have benefited greatly from items other people have discarded.

The time to get rid of your junk is now. You’ve put it off too long already and its inconvenienced yourself, your family or maybe your co-workers. Call us today at 877-211-6682 to rid yourself of any and all junk you might have.