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Junk Removal

Southwest Washington DC

Do you need junk removal in Southwest Washington DC? Nova Junk will come out to your home or business and removes all your junk. We can pick up a single item or clean out an entire room or even an estate.

Getting rid of junk in Washington DC can be difficult at times.

If you’re a resident of the area, you can schedule a special pickup, but they limit you to seven items. And everything has to be set out the night before.

If you have a vehicle that you don’t mind loading up with garbage you could take it all to the Fort Totten Transfer Station and then wait in line with all the other people dropping off junk. But who wants to load junk in your family vehicle?

Just be aware, that if you have construction debris, then both options are out.

For a business located in Southwest DC going to the landfill isn’t even an option.

For these reasons and more you’ve decided to go with professionals and now you just have to decide who to contact. The solution is simple. Call us.

Junk removal company serving Southwest Washington DC

Why NOVA Junk Is Your First Place To Call

We are a locally owned company that has been serving the needs of businesses and residents in the area since 2006.

We pride ourselves on offering some of the lowest prices in the area. In fact, many of our customers tell us they’re surprised how inexpensive we were.

Yet, low prices aren’t the only reason for the hundreds of 5-star reviews we’ve received over the years. What makes our customers feel the need to tell others about our services is our courteous workers who arrive at the time they were requested. And who gets the job done quickly.

They also appreciate the fact that we can take care of so many items for them, including:

  • Mattresses & sofa hauling
  • Hot tub & spa removal
  • Shed demolition and removal
  • Yard waste
  • Clean out an estate
  • Help with a hoarder
  • Basement or attic cleanout
  • Furniture removal
  • Electronic waste
  • Appliances (all types)
  • Furniture removal (any size)
  • Dirt & concrete pickup
  • An old piano
  • Home remodeling debris

Since we started this business, we’ve hauled away nearly anything you can imagine. About the only thing we don’t take care of is hazardous waste or an old vehicle.

And the best thing about our service is that you don’t have to haul these items to the curb for our pickup. You simply let us in and show us what needs to be hauled and we take it from there.

We are also fully licensed an insured.


How We Help Businesses Of All Types

Over the years we’ve worked with all types of businesses. No matter what type of business you run, you’ll find were the simple answer to getting whatever type of debris you have.

For office managers, we’ve hauled away old furniture, old electronics, a broken cubicle, and even old filing cabinets.

Contractors and renovation companies rely on us to efficiently remove any debris they have so they’re workers won’t be slowed down or put at risk.

Both landlords and Realtors contact us when they have a new listing to market and need the property cleaned out quickly of junk left behind by the previous tenants. Or the current sellers.

Maybe your business is relocating or your downsizing? We can clear out any clutter you have and any items you no longer use.

We’re Eco-Friendly

Maybe you feel a little guilty contacting a junk removal company, thinking you’re just adding to the growing mountain of waste in the landfill.

We are an eco-friendly junk removal company and the landfill is our last option.

When we pick up a load from a home or business, we first look for anything that still might have some value for someone. A piece of furniture that is in good shape or an appliance that still might work. Anything like this we pull to the side to take to one of the many local charities we work with.

We then look for anything that can be recycled. Material you might not even realize can be recycled.

It’s only when we’ve separated out everything out that we then make the trip to the landfill. Often our load has been significantly reduced.

If you’re ready to get rid of your clutter than call us today. We’ll schedule a pickup that is convenient for you. And that is the time our workers will show up. Don’t wait another day. Call 877-211-6682 now.

Nova Junk serves the neighborhoods of Southwest Washington DC including:

the Southwest Federal Center, (the Southwest Employment District), the Southwest Waterfront (Near Southwest), Buzzard Point, and Bellevue