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Shed Removal Services

Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland

Do you have an old shed that needs to be removed? If the shed in your backyard is starting to fall apart then it’s time to get rid of it. It can become a hazard for children.

Call Nova Junk Removal to have your shed torn down and hauled off. We serve cities in Northern Virginia, Washington DC, as well as Prince George County and Montgomery County, Maryland.

A worn-down shed can become a safety hazard to family members and children, in particular. And if it’s leaking or in risk of falling down, then it’s not doing your belongings any good either.

Nova Junk Removal offers shed removal services to homes and businesses in Northern Virginia, Washington DC, as well as Montgomery and Prince George Counties in Maryland.

We can also haul and remove deck, fencing, hot tubs, and swing sets.

You don’t need to do anything with the shed yourself except to clear it out of anything you want to keep. Anything you don’t want to keep you can keep it where it’s at. Our junk haulers can take care of that, as well.

shed demoltian services

Complete Shed Demolition and Removal Service


Our professionals can dismantle your shed quickly and efficiently and haul it away, often in the same day.

We’ll clean everything out of the area and then you’ll be ready to put up a new shed or landscape the area to have a larger backyard.

We can haul away all your junk. Do you have old appliances, broken furniture, or other types of junk taking up space in the garage or attic? We can haul that away too.

Call us today to get a no obligation estimate. Don’t wait. The longer your shed is falling down, the more it is both an eyesore and a potential safety risk. Call us today at 877-211-6682.