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When a storm is moving through your neighborhood, your first thought is that you hope your family is safe and then most likely, that your home is spared. When the storm has passed there is hopefully relief that everyone came through and that your property has had little damage. If, however, there is damage, then you want to get any debris removed as quickly as possible. To get on with your life and avoid any health risks.Storm Debris Removal - DC

If the damage is to your place of business, there is not just the cost to repair involved. It could be the customers you lose because your business is temporarily closed. Or they could be put off by the damage to your building.

If an insurance agent is going to inspect the damage, then you need to wait until they give you the go ahead to clean up. If the damage isn’t severe and you don’t have to wait, then begin getting rid of items. Either way, you want the process to get over quickly. This is why having a junk removal company help with the process could be beneficial.

Here are a number of benefits to having a junk removal company help with the cleanup of your home or business.

There Can Be Health Risks

Branches lying in the yard, broken items in the home. These can be items that people could trip on or which young children could injure themselves on. Or they could become a place for animals to take refuge in. Water damaged wall or carpet could become a place for mold to grow in. There are a number of things that could pose a risk to family members or to employees or customers. The sooner these items are removed, the less chance for something bad to happen.

You Need to Focus On Repairs.

Getting rid of the debris can be a time consuming process. Once it’s done you still have to begin the repairs, whether it’s repairing damage to your house or replanting trees in the backyard. Having professionals haul away your debris allows you to begin rebuilding faster.

There’s too Much To Haul On Your Own.

You might think you can take care of getting rid of all the debris yourself, but as it piles up you realize it’s going to take more than one trip. This adds to more of the time you spend on the project. And you have to find the time to do it when the

Junk Removal For Storm Debrs


city dump is open. With a junk removal company, you don’t even have to pile up everything at the curb. Simply point out what you need hauled away and the junk removal company can take care of it.

The City May Take It, but You’ll have to meet their Requirements.

Even if the city will haul away some of the debris, it could still be a time consuming process. Branches might have to be cut to a certain length and bundled. Other items must be bagged and everything then must be hauled to the curb. Again with a junk removal company they do all the heavy lifting and won’t require you to cut branches to a certain length.

Your Insurance Agency May Cover the Costs of Cleanup

Many insurance policies don’t just cover the cost of replacing damaged items after a storm, but the disposal of broken items and storm. If this is the case this will save you a lot of time and money in getting your home and property back in order.

Get More Than Just the Storm Debris Removed.

There might be one silver lining to all this. Since you’ve scheduled a junk removal company to haul away your storm debris, why not get rid of some of that other junk around the house. That old mattress that is stained and lying in the basement or that old TV that weighs a ton, but not high definition. Since the junk removal is on the way anyway so why not fill up the truck they’re bringing.

If you’re home or business has been through a storm and you need to clean up the mess, then contact Nova Junk Removal to help. We serve Washington DC, northern Virginia, and parts of Maryland. When you call us, we’ll schedule a time that is convenient for you to pick up your debris and any other junk you need hauled.